7 Signs You’ve Found The Right International Surrogacy Agency

If you’re one of many couples around the world who are facing serious medical obstacles to having a conventional pregnancy, this does not mean having to accept life as a childless couple. Even if medical circumstances put a woman and child at risk, or past surgery now makes pregnancy impossible, surrogacy is one way to start a new life as a family still, but only if you ask yourself the question, “How does surrogacy work?”

Working through that question should help you find the right international surrogacy agency for you, and keep an eye out for these seven signs.

They Can Communicate In Your Preferred Language

Some people speak English, others Mandarin Chinese, French, or Spanish. The key to a successful surrogacy is the ability to understand your surrogacy agency and have them understand you. This can only happen if they are able to communicate with you in the language you feel most comfortable and fluent in, both for written and spoken communication.

If an international surrogacy agency is not able to communicate with you in a language you are comfortable using, it is better to keep looking until you find one that can. Any agency that is readily able to communicate with you in your preferred language should be shortlisted.

They Have A Good Reputation

Beyond being able to communicate with you, another sign that you’re on the right track is if the agency you are considering has an established, positive reputation. While no international surrogacy agency will have a 100% success rate, reputable ones, in addition to having many success stories, leave a positive impression on the couples they work with.

Look for testimonials, and if you feel up to it, reach out and contact people to ask them about their experiences. Not only is this a good way to get more specific answers to questions you may have, but it helps verify the testimonials as claims made by actual couples. A legitimate, reputable surrogacy agency will have plenty of people with positive experiences.

They Meticulously Screen Candidates

One of the most important components of successful surrogacy is the surrogate mother herself. Without a healthy woman who has been medically evaluated, has experience with childbirth, and has the right attitude, many things can go wrong throughout a surrogate pregnancy.

A good agency has a thorough screening process in place to ensure that both surrogate mothers and hopeful couples establish a safe, mutually respected partnership. A woman who is physically healthy but has a drinking or drug habit, for example, can still pose a health risk to a developing baby, even if her current state of health is currently acceptable.

They Can Accommodate Your Specific Requirements

Not all surrogacies are the same. Some couples have more elaborate needs for their surrogacy, such as wanting to have a child that is genetically identical to a conventional pregnancy in that it shares the DNA of both hopeful parents. This requires a procedure known as in vitro fertilization or IVF, but the procedure is orders of magnitude more complex and demanding than conventional artificial insemination.

If you have specific needs such as this or want access to preimplantation genetic diagnosis or even being able to safely transport cryogenically preserved sperm/egg samples to a lab, ensure your agency knows how to do this or has partners that can meet these needs.

They Have Transparency

With something as important as surrogacy and bringing a new life into the world, it’s no surprise you’re likely to want to stay informed during the process. A good surrogacy agency will understand and provide for this concern. An open line of communication, answering questions, and keeping you updated is a must.

If you find that maintaining communication is difficult and you don’t often know what’s going on, that’s a red flag.

They Have Access To Proper Personnel & Facilities

Another good sign that you’re working with the right international surrogacy agency is that your surrogacy journey will give you access to experienced medical personnel and quality medical facilities. Whether it is for ensuring a smooth IVF procedure or just monitoring the health and welfare of both surrogate mother and baby, it’s essential to have good medical access and people who know how to use this equipment.

Just because a surrogacy agency is not based in the United States does not mean it can’t have world-class staff or facilities. Do your research to ensure you get access to both.

They Can Help With Your Legal Considerations

A final and crucial sign that you’re working with the right international surrogacy agency is that they know about and are prepared to assist in your specific legal needs. Different counties will have their own unique requirements for granting an incoming newborn citizenship.

If a surrogacy agency can’t help you with this, it could jeopardize your new baby’s ability to enter your country of residence and get citizenship.

These are the signs you should be looking for when you ask yourself, “How does surrogacy work?”