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    For future parents

    Stork Service Surrogacy center invites couples from all over the world to use the services of surrogate mothers in Georgia!

    For Fututre ParentsSpecialists of the Stork Service center will help future parents to find a physically and psychologically healthy surrogate mother or ovum donor, and also take care of all legal nuances. We created a unique project – a company where potential parents from anywhere in the world can use the surrogacy services or ovum donation directly without intermediaries. For its part the center is fully responsible before the two sides – parents and surrogate mothers. At the same time it provides high-quality medical care and takes decisions on all organizational issues.

    5 important arguments in favor of the Stork Service Surrogacy Center

    1. Absence of intermediaries. When working with us, you have the opportunity to choose a candidate for surrogate mother for your future baby or pick a donor personally.
    2. Absence of legislative obstacles. Surrogacy in Georgia is allowed, as well as the exportation of children born by a surrogate mother abroad.
    3. Proprietary base of surrogate mothers and ovum donors. There are many women wishing to become surmum or donors in our database. Each candidate undergoes a full medical examination, receives a psychiatric evaluation and signs a contract.
    4. Provision of medical services. We handle the organization of all necessary medical procedures, including oocyte donation and artificial insemination, as well as keeping records of pregnancy and childbirth.
    5. Legal and psychological support. All the conditions of cooperation are agreed to and laid out in the contract. At each stage the surrogate mother is accompanied by a psychologist.

    Our priorities

    1. Legality of each stage of cooperation with ovum donor or surrogate mother. The specialists at our center clearly monitor the interaction with the prospective parents, donor or gestational courier to ensure the fulfillment of all the conditions described in the mutually beneficial contract for the provision of surrogacy services prepared by a qualified lawyer with extensive experience.
    2. Strict confidentiality. Strict confidentiality. By law, everyone has the right to privacy, so the contract may specify the need to respect the identity of an individual and the services provided/received by each party.
    3. Careful selection of a candidate for ovum donation or surrogate mother. Before donor or gestational courier are added to our list, they undergo a thorough medical examination, and participants who do not meet the medical and legal criteria for selection are excluded.

    Criteria for selecting a surrogate mother or an oocyte donor

    Choosing a gestational courier, most future biological parents place emphasis on external characteristics. However, this is fundamentally not correct; the more important indicator is the surrogate’s state of psychological and physical health, along with her motives in becoming a surrogate mother. It should be remembered that a woman will bear a fetus created from the genetic material of the biological parents, so there will be no genetic connection between the surrogate mother and the baby. When choosing an ovum donor, in addition to the state of health, factors such as height, hair color and eye color, type of figure, race etc. can also be important.

    How does the cooperation work?

    For Fututre ParentsGuided by the wishes of the potential parents, employees select two candidates for surrogate mothers or ovum donors. After a personal meeting, the contract is signed. Then follows the stage of the necessary procedures: synchronization of women’s monthly cycle, stimulation of the ovaries, ova sampling and in vitro fertilization. After the birth of the child by a surrogate mother, parental rights are officially transferred to the biological parents. Parents should understand that the surrogacy program is an expensive service.

    What is the payment procedure like?

    Potential biological parents reimburse all of the surrogate mother’s expenses for medical examinations, food, medicine, clothing, housing, IVF procedure, delivery and other medical measures. In case of unforeseen situations, premature birth, “cesarean section” or abortion for medical reasons, treatment of the consequences of complications during pregnancy or childbirth is also compensated. And the most significant point of expenditure is the reward for the baby’s birth.

    Contact the staff of the surrogacy center «Stork Service» – we minimize all possible risks and provide guaranteed medical and legal support!