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    Questions and answers

    1. Can I choose an ovum donor according to certain criteria?

    Questions and answersIn any case, young (20-30 years old) healthy women who have their own healthy children are sought for donation of oocytes in the Stork Service center. Women with hereditary and chronic diseases who live in areas with unfavorable ecological conditions, who have mental disorders, who are overweight, or have harmful habits are not allowed to participate in the program. As an additional service, a donor of a certain ethnic group, model appearance, with creative abilities or a high level of IQ is selected. The selection of the phenotype in accordance with the wishes of customers can be carried out by photo.

    1. What are the chances of giving birth to a healthy child by a surrogate mother if one of the biological parents is seriously ill?

    Such a situation must be considered individually. If we are not talking about the presence of genetic abnormalities, the probability of a healthy baby is very high.

    1. What will happen after I fill out and send the surrogate mother’s questionnaire?

    You will be contacted by the consultant of the Stork Service center to talk about the documents you need to prepare, and to appoint your date of arrival to us. After the interview and signing the contract with the Stork Service center, you will need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination. Only after receiving the results of the diagnosis and confirming your fitness for bearing the fetus will you be entered in the database of candidates for surrogacy. Specialists of the Stork Service center will offer you a family that will be ready to accept your help in bearing a child.

    1. How is the legalization of parental rights for a child born by a surrogate mother carried out?

    Legislation provides signing a special form of consent statement by a surrogate mother immediately after the child’s birth. In this document the woman confirms her agreement to record the biological parents on the birth certificate. Receiving the metric is supported by a qualified lawyer of the Stork Service center, so there are no problems or disturbance for the parents.

    1. Will I have a mother’s feelings for a child who was born by a surrogate mother?

    FAQMaternal instinct is one of the most powerful behavioral stimuli for all living on our planet. The baby will fall into your arms immediately after birth, and you will instantly plunge into the aura of warm feelings towards them. The child will be yours genetically; therefore, soon family features will appear in their appearance. The world is changing rapidly. Until recently, people looked with wary eyes at children “created in a test tube.” But now IVF is a generally accepted medical procedure. Surrogacy is also a reproductive technology. A child, born by a surrogate, will be yours legally, medically and emotionally.

    1. How long does it take to find a surrogate mother?

    Actually, it depends on the biological parents themselves. After signing the contract with the Stork Service center and discussing their wishes, 2-3 candidates for surrogacy are offered for selection. Next, a personal meeting is organized and one of the candidates is approved. All these activities take from a few days to a few weeks.

    1. How can we be sure that the surrogate mother does not drink alcohol, does not take drugs, and lives in a safe social environment?

    Straight at the stage of selecting candidates for the surrogate mothers of our center, women undergo rigorous tests. The way of life in the present, the absence of problems with the law in the past, the attitude to their own children, and a number of other factors are taken into account. As an additional service, clients are offered the assistance of a private detective to verify a woman. We appreciate the calmness of our customers; therefore, we cooperate only with trustworthy surrogate mothers.

    1. What is the scope of the medical examination of biological parents? Is it possible to pass it at home before coming to Georgia?

    The diagnostic program for spouses is determined in each case individually. For the first interview it is necessary to present the conclusion of specialists’ diagnosis of infertility. The surrogacy option is selected depending on the cause of infertility. Sometimes the couple is sent for a consultation with a geneticist. Fundamental aspects in the preparation of the surrogacy program is the need to use the donor genetic material (oocytes or sperm), or the presence of frozen embryos.

    1. My wife and I have been assured that the surrogate mother bears completely our child in the biological sense, but I have doubts. How can I check?

    Today, the practice of DNA research is widespread. You can order such an examination at any time to remove all doubts. However, the reputation of the Stork Service center absolutely excludes the possibility of providing untruthful information to biological parents.

    1. What about the definition of parenthood, if a donor’s ovum was used for the surrogate mother’s IVF?

    According to the legislation, if the child has a genetic connection with only one of the spouses (with the father giving the sperm), the second of the spouses gets the parental rights automatically. The child’s birth certificate records the names of both biological parents. In this case, a surrogate mother, like a gestational courier, has no kinship with the baby and cannot claim it.

    1. Do you provide assistance in obtaining the child’s citizenship of the country of his parents?

    Yes. Stork Service center cooperates with experienced lawyers in international law. Immediately after the signing of the cooperation agreement with the clients, the specialists begin to study the legislative norms of the country regarding surrogacy. As parents bring their child home with a legally issued birth certificate, there are usually no problems with obtaining citizenship.

    1. How can we navigate in Georgia without knowing the country and the language?

    Specialists of the Stork Service center provide a meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel, where rooms are pre-booked. During the trip you will be accompanied by an interpreter. If you wish, we can also arrange tourist support. Georgia is a wonderful, hospitable country. Recent years have been associated with the active development of infrastructure. Most residents are fluent in Russian and English. Guests in Georgia feel comfortable.

    1. How long I should stay in Georgia if I want my ova to be used in the surrogacy program?

    The standard protocol of examination, hormonal stimulation and the production of oocytes take about three weeks. In some cases, the first stage of ovarian stimulation can be done in your home country. If this option is planned, the duration of stay in Georgia is reduced to one week. During this time, ultrasound investigation is performed and the necessary stage of maturation of the follicles is confirmed. Then, under anesthesia, the ova are removed through ovarian puncture. However, only a doctor can determine the most suitable way for you to receive ova.

    1. Do you verify the adequacy of women who wish to become surrogate mothers?

    Of course. Special attention in our center is given to psychological testing. We make sure that women are clearly aware of the step they are taking, as well as the lack of genetic kinship with the child. During interviews with specialists the level of understanding, attentiveness, and adequacy of perceived information becomes clear.

    1. Will the child’s birth certificate include the name of the surrogate mother?

    No. According to the legal procedures established in the legislation of Georgia, only the biological parents are recorded in the metric. You do not have to change this document. However, in some countries, legalization of a child born in another country is a problem. We recommend that you take advantage of the support of qualified lawyers of the Stork Service center and do not worry about the legal side of things.