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    Why Georgia?

    Why Georgia?The last decades in Georgia are associated with the active development of many areas of tourism. In particular, the country successfully hosts medical tourists. Thanks to the creation of a favorable legislative climate, extracorporal fertilization, ovum donation and surrogacy for foreign citizens are gaining in popularity.

    Legal aspects and cost of services.

    According to the laws of Georgia, the risk of a situation when the gestational surrogate mother wants to keep the child herself after childbirth is excluded. The surrogacy practice was legalized in the country in 1997. Over the years, surrogate mothers have given birth to hundreds of children. Many of them went abroad with their parents.

    In addition to the legal climate, the attractiveness of Georgia for surrogacy also lies in the affordable cost of reproductive medicine services. Approximately, it is 3-4 times cheaper for IVF and donation of oocytes compared to the USA and the countries of the European Union.

    Motivation for surrogacy and safety of tourists in the country.

    Many citizens of Georgia willingly participate in ovum donation and surrogacy programs. In the database of the Stork Service center there are enough young and healthy women who are ready to help infertile couples to experience the happiness of parenting. Women meet the entire necessary medical and psychological criteria, and have a clear motivation. Potential biological parents do not have to spend a lot of time to select a surrogate mother.

    Georgia is an ecologically safe corner of our planet. The sea coasts, mountains, and the absence of industrial giants are good conditions for the pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. The country today is high up the list of the safest places for foreign guests to visit. Effective policing allows tourists to feel comfortable.

    Selection of a surrogate mother.

    Подбор сурмамыMany Georgian citizens are ready to become surrogate mothers and meet the requirements for this. Stork Service center has an extensive database of candidates, so clients do not have to wait until a suitable woman is selected for certain criteria. Before entering the database, a woman undergoes medical checks and interviews.

    Correct selection criteria for a surrogate mother.

    The majority of potential biological parents are guided first of all by external characteristics when selecting a surrogate mother. But gestational surrogacy implies the absence of a genetic link between the child and the woman who is bearing it. The baby will not inherit the phenotypic and other features of the surrogate mother. The woman’s health is a much more important criterion than the phenotype. The results of the medical examination, data on previous pregnancies and childbirth, and the health status of the children of the surrogate mother are factors that can affect the success of the program.

    After the final choice, there is an insignificant probability of substituting the surrogate mother from the side of the potential biological parents. In such cases, the specialists of the Stork Service center are guided only by the clients’ interests. During the surrogate mother’s preparation, sometimes it is not possible to synchronize her menstrual cycle with that of the biological mother. The reason for the replacement may be some other medical factors. Secondary selection of a candidate is carried out only with the clients’ participation.

    Organization of a personal meeting with a candidate for surrogacy.

    Based on the wishes of the clients, the specialists of the Stork Service center select two candidates to choose from. Parents initially have the opportunity to study their questionnaires carefully. Then a personal meeting is organized. Only after such communication is a surrogacy contract signed.

    Due to effective work of the logistics service of the center, potential biological parents spend a minimum of time agreeing on the candidature of the surrogate mother. Beforehand, women are already familiar with the terms of the contract that they will have to sign.

    Calculation of the cost.

    The use of the surrogate mother’s services under any conditions results in significant monetary expenses. It is about paying a reward to a woman who agrees with certain changes to her figure and body, and the burden in connection with pregnancy. Also rather complicated medical procedures are performed during the program – in particular, the obtaining of ova and in vitro fertilization.

    Help of the Stork Service center in the planning of expenses.

    Among the partners of the Stork Service surrogacy center are experienced financial experts. If necessary, a married couple who wishes to acquire a child as a result of surrogacy is given a consultation. The options for redistribution of the family budget in connection with such expenses are considered; possibilities of crediting and profitable sale of property are estimated.

    Sometimes people without special economic education find it difficult to adequately assess their financial capacity. In a number of cases, the expert indicates sources of funds that clients do not even suspect. In any circumstances it is a question of temporary accumulation of monetary resources, which is rewarded with the incomparable happiness of parenting.

    The main points in the payment of the surrogate mother’s services.

    The most significant part of the expenses is the remuneration of the surrogate mother. For multiple pregnancies, the amount of payment increases due to the additional burden on the woman’s body. Potential biological parents cover the costs of all medical procedures, including diagnostics. Every month during pregnancy and one month after the childbirth, compensation is paid for current expenses (purchase of products, medicines, clothes for pregnant women, etc.).

    In certain cases, additional costs may arise, and that is reflected in the surrogacy contract. For example, there may be premature birth or unforeseen need for a Caesarean section. Payment of compensation is expected in case of abortion for medical reasons, miscarriage that is not the surrogate mother’s fault, or damage to health due to problems of pregnancy and childbirth.