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    List of provided services:

    1. Consultations in the field of reproductive medicine.

    List of provided servicesEach couple comes to the Stork Service surrogacy center with their own history. In order to effectively help in solving the problem, the specialists of the center send spouses to the partner clinic for medical examination.

    1. Selection of a surrogate mother.

    The base of potential surrogate mothers of the Stork Service center makes it possible to select a woman who meets the criteria of clients in the shortest time. Beforehand all candidates undergo extensive medical and psychological testing.

    1. Selection of an ovum donor.

    Since there is a question of donating genetic material, in the course of selecting candidates, in addition to meeting the requirements and medical examination, phenotypic features (appearance) are taken into account.

    1. Assistance of a qualified lawyer.

    An important link in the team of specialists of the Stork Service center is lawyers with specialization in international family law. With their involvement, contracts are concluded with surrogate mothers and oocyte donors, as well as the registration of parental rights for the child.

    1. Organization of travel from anywhere in the world.

    The logistics service of the Stork Service center takes care of booking tickets for the plane, organizing transfers for Georgia, and booking hotel rooms. Also, support in necessary trips to the clinic is provided to the surrogate mother.

    1. Transportation of frozen embryos.

    If the biological parents have frozen embryos stored in the cryobank, the Stork Service center is ready to organize their delivery to the clinic where the surrogate mother’s IVF will be delivered.

    1. Help of a financial adviser.

    There are experienced financiers among the partners of the Stork Service center. They are ready to tell you about ways you can accumulate the family’s monetary resources to pay for participation in the surrogate motherhood program.

    1. Organization of IVF and pregnancy management.

    Medical procedures play a significant role in the successful birth of a baby. Therefore, they are held in the best reproductive centers in the country. The surrogate mother’s health is monitored by experienced gynecologists and obstetricians.

    1. Consultations of a psychologist.

    Both biological parents and surrogate mother are subject to great emotional stress all the time before the child’s birth. The participants of the program receive a phone number for the psychological support service, which is always there to help.

    1. Monitoring the health status of program participants.

    Thanks to partnerships with leading medical institutions in Georgia, the clients of the Stork Center, surrogate mothers and oocyte donors have access to the most advanced diagnostic resources. Specialists get timely information about any problem.

    1. Organization of payments to surmum and oocytes donor.

    Stork Service center takes on a delicate moment of payment of compensations and rewards the surrogate mother and the donor of oocytes according to the schedule. Thus, the main cause for disagreements among program participants is eliminated.

    1. Providing comfort at all stages of the program.

    Since absolutely everyone is interested in achieving a single goal – the birth of a healthy baby – both for the biological parents and for the surrogate mother, the most favorable conditions are created. The optimistic mood of all has a good impact on the future child.