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    Selection of surrogate mothers

    Selection of a surrogate mother in the Stork Service surrogacy center is a transparent, safe and affordable service for parents who dream of their own child.

    Thanks to the democratic legislative base of Georgia, the childless family has a unique opportunity to use surrogacy services and of to return home with the child after his birth.

    The Stork Service Center will help realize your cherished dream of becoming parents

    The main criteria for selecting a potential surrogate mother:

    Selection Of Surrogate MotherFull compliance with medical requirements,
    • Psychological readiness and adequate motivation to help a childless couple,
    • Absence of previous convictions, alcohol or drug addiction, precedents of deprivation of parental rights, etc.

    Before a potential surrogate mother is brought into the center’s donor base, she undergoes a comprehensive examination excluding any deviations in the state of health that can become an obstacle to the bearing and birth of the child. Her social status, the health of her children are also checked.

    Advantages of choosing surrogate mother from the Stork Service center:

    • Legally transparent relationship between biological parents and a surrogate mother, backed by a bilaterally signed contract;
    • Presence of proprietary donor base with a wide choice of surrogate mothers;
    • The optimal implementation of the terms of the contract;
    • Provision of all necessary medical services on the basis of the chosen clinic of Georgia;
    • Highly qualified doctors with successful experience in the field of reproductive medicine;
    • Ability to contact the agency with your own biological material;
    • Substitution of surrogate mother if it is impossible to synchronize her menstrual cycle with the cycle of the biological mother or for other medical indications.

    The Stork Service surrogacy center is your reliable partner on the way to parenting, as it guarantees the establishment of fair, just and mutually beneficial relationships with the surrogate mother, medical and legal support.

    Additional services for parents:

    • Psychological support and help in solving any problems that arise when a child is born;
    • Possibility to organize the logistics of biological material (ova or sperm) from anywhere in the world;
    • Assistance in organizing a trip to Georgia;
    • An acceptable pricing policy for all services.

    You can become a parent in 9 months – just contact the staff of the Stork Service surrogacy center!