A Closer Look At An International Surrogacy Agency

For millions, being parents is a dream that they strive for. Whether it is an issue with infertility, same-sex couples looking to become parents, or something else entirely, some obstacles may stand in the way of that dream. But hope isn’t lost, and an international surrogacy agency could be the key to unlocking your dream of parenthood.

Surrogacy 101

First, it’s worth understanding the very basics of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a type of reproduction that involves parents – known as the ‘intended parents’ – who work with a gestational surrogate who carries the baby until birth.

It’s used when families are unable to become pregnant on their own, generally because of an infertility issue or because they are a same-sex couple. In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, is used in almost all cases to initiate the pregnancy. There are multiple options here including:

  • A surrogate’s eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the intended father
  • The intended mother’s eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the intended father and implanted into the gestational mother
  • The intended mother’s eggs are fertilized with donor sperm

No matter the situation, your surrogacy agency will handle the process from start to finish and ensure that you are able to finally become a parent. In most cases, the gestational carrier has no genetic relationship to the child or children they carry and eventually give birth to – the genetics of the child are the intended parents’.

It’s important to note that while surrogacy has become much more common over the years, it is still a complex process that requires numerous medical and legal steps as well as support for all adults involved in the process. That’s why turning to the right International Surrogacy Agency is important.

What Does An International Surrogacy Agency Do?
Surrogacy is a major investment of your time, your money, and your emotions. International parents looking to build a family need to be able to find an international surrogacy agency that will help them throughout the process. Surrogacy agencies handle virtually every step of the process including:

  • Legal aspects of surrogacy
  • Citizenship questions
  • Returning home
  • Finding a surrogate mother
  • The medical process of IVF
  • Ongoing support throughout the pregnancy
  • And more

The right international surrogacy agency will take care of everything, providing you with guidance as you become parents. With a full team of lawyers, a journey coordinator, and medical professionals, your agency will provide the smoothest journey possible to ensure that your family ends up exactly the way you expected.

Why Go International?

Surrogacy is something that takes place in numerous countries around the world, but for many families they quickly discover that an international surrogacy agency is their best bet and the best option for their child. There are many reasons that families may look outside their home country for surrogacy services including:

  • The child will be born in the country chosen for the surrogacy. This means that in most cases, the child will be a citizen of that nation – and potentially gain dual citizenship as well.
  • Surrogacy isn’t entirely legal in some countries. This means that it may be entirely out of reach where you live, and international surrogacy is the only option.
  • Some countries simply have a better success rate when it comes to surrogacy. This includes success medically as well as legally, and finding a country that takes away the stress and uncertainty involved with surrogacy is important.
  • Better matching is also important. The right surrogacy agency will work directly with you to find the best IVF clinic and the right egg donor if needed. They’ll also make sure that you find a gestational surrogate who will be a good fit for your surrogacy.

The bottom line is that often, leaving your home country to start your family may be the best bet you have – and sometimes may be the only option. As such, finding the right international surrogacy agency is a must.

What Will Happen?

Surrogacy is a big process, involving a lot. There are medical considerations, legal issues, and more. As such, no agency will just rush you through it. You’ll often start with an initial consultation that breaks down everything you can expect to take place. From there, you’ll be able to take the next steps.

Your agency will guide you throughout the entire process, helping you understand what is coming next and what to expect as the process occurs. You have much more control over the experience than some realize, and will be able to stay involved as the due date for your baby approaches.

Surrogacy is something that can help you become the parent you always dreamed of being, and the right international surrogacy agency will make that dream become a reality with much less stress. It’s something worth considering for all couples who are ready to grow.