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    Stork Service center is a leading surrogacy center in Georgia

    About surrogacy center "Stork"Long-term international experience of the company allows us to state with confidence: today any couple can become parents! With a willingness to take responsibility, maintain privacy, minimize risks, we invite you for cooperation.

    More than 10 years of experience in such an important area as surrogate donation gave the possibility for dozens of long-awaited and beloved kids to be born in different coutries all over the world. Over the years, the specialists of the center have developed an effective and mutually beneficial system of cooperation with surrogate mothers and potential parents, taking into account legal and medical aspects.

    Today the Stork Service center is the only organization in Georgia that legally and without intermediaries works with:

    • Surrogate mothers;
    • Mom-donors;
    • Parents from around the world.

    And bears personal responsibility for the result for each client.

    Georgia is the best choice for the birth of a child.

    Loyal laws

    Surrogacy was legalized in Georgia in 1997. The majority of potential biological parents particularly choose this country because here the law prohibits the surrogate mother from leaving the child for rearing after birth because the genetic material used for fertilization does not belong to her. The law allows foreign citizens to transfer a child, born by the donor’s mother, outside the country, subject to all necessary procedures.

    Affordable price

    In addition to legislative attractiveness, the cost of medical services in Georgia is 3-4 times cheaper than in the EU countries or in the US with a decent, but more often similar level of quality of services. This is especially important for such expensive procedures as ovum donation or IVF.

    Quality of medical services

    The success of our center is achieved thanks to responsible doctors with rich experience in reproductive medicine. We also have established relationships with many Georgian clinics working in this direction. The presence of high-tech equipment, the use of innovative methods of artificial insemination and the participation of attentive, qualified doctors helps to achieve high results in our work.

    Operational implementation of the program

    About "Stork" CenterDue to a large base of potential donors and surrogate mothers, we are ready to offer everyone the prepared documents and achieve fertilization in the shortest time. Each of the candidates for the role of surrogate mother or ovum donor must undergo a medical examination and psychological testing, and also provide the necessary documents. This facilitates the formation of mindful, compassionate and legitimate relationships with potential biological parents. Due to the extensive base of candidates, difficulty with their choice does not arise.

    Support and assistance

    The specialists of the center help parents in all organizational matters: they book tickets, hotel rooms, accommodation, help them to get to the right place in a foreign country in a timely manner, etc. Also, the staff of the center provide psychological, financial and legal advice.

    The absence of a language barrier

    Turning to the center, you can be sure that communication will be in a language that you understand: our employees speak English, Georgian, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese.

    Do you dream of becoming parents? We will do our best to help you!

    For potential parents the Stork Service center provides:

    • Respect for confidentiality;

    • Strict selection of female candidates and donors;

    • A large base of healthy surrogate mothers and donors;

    • Medical procedures in accordance with international standards;

    • Conclusion of a tripartite, legally correct contract;

    • All kinds of help at any stage of the program;

    • Affordable cost of services.

    Are you ready to become an ovum donor or a surrogate mother for a worthy reward? We will protect your interests at all stages of cooperation!

    For ovum donors and surrogate mothers, the Stork Service center offers:

    • Cooperation without intermediaries – saving you money and time;
    • Observance of all legal aspects protecting the rights of the gestational courier or donor;
    • Guaranteed anonymity;
    • Careful selection of potential parents with sufficient financial reserves;
    • Payment of expenses for medical services, medicines, conducting pregnancy and birth by future parents;
    • Compensation of other expenses by parents (clothes, food, accommodation, etc.);
    • Guaranteed receipt of final remuneration after the birth of the child;
    • Legal protection at all stages.

    Contact the Stork Service surrogacy center – we will help donors, surrogate mothers and potential parents to find each other and make the baby happy to be born!