Affordable Surrogacy

For millions of people around the world who dream of being a parent, infertility issues can seem like a slap in the face. Having a child can change your life forever, which is why taking the right steps towards parenthood is always important.

Surrogacy is one option that offers plenty of possibilities, but that is often misunderstood or avoided due to issues like very high costs. Finding avenues for more affordable surrogacy is important, but many aren’t sure where to look or what to do when trying to go through the process. There are several things to pay attention to that could help you find more affordable surrogacy and bring your dream of parenthood into reality.

An Expensive Dream

Surrogacy isn’t cheap. There are many, many different things that factor into the overall cost including:

  • IVF procedure
  • Advertising for surrogate mother
  • Payment to surrogate mother
  • Legal fees and costs
  • Medical costs associated with pregnancy and delivery
  • And more

The average cost of surrogacy can be anywhere from $60,000 up to more than $150,000 depending on a variety of different things. As such, it’s incredibly costly for those who want to become parents to use this method. But, it’s well worth it when you consider the outcome – parenthood. Still, saving money and making surrogacy more affordable is something worth taking a closer look at before you begin the process.

What To Avoid

First, it’s a good idea to know about the various things you should avoid when trying to find surrogacy that is more affordable. The main thing to avoid is simple – don’t try to ‘do it yourself’. Plenty of hopeful parents may feel that turning to a friend or family member who will carry their child to term is a way to cut down on costs. After all, a huge portion of the overall cost of surrogacy is the payment to the gestational mother.

But this is usually not a great idea. Not only can it lead to medical complications if the gestational mother isn’t as health as she should be, but there is no guarantee about their level of health during the pregnancy. And at the end of the pregnancy, legal issues can occur as well. One of the worst outcomes is a gestational mother deciding they don’t want to give up the baby after it is born and creating a huge legal issue.

By using reliable surrogacy agencies, these issues are avoided entirely. Saving money by using a friend or family member might seem like a good option, but it’s generally not the right move. Luckily, there are options for reducing the overall cost of surrogacy.

Looking Elsewhere

One of the best options for affordable surrogacy is to look outside your home country. Surrogacy is legal in several countries around the world and often there is a more affordable location – especially for those in the US. The average US surrogacy cost is more than $110,000 – well above what most can initially afford.

However, counties like the European nation of Georgia offer solutions that are far more affordable and can cost half of the cost that surrogacy in the US has. It’s a simple process, and as long as you meet basic requirements then you will qualify to go through the process there.

Surrogacy agencies in Georgia can help you get the exact same results that you would get by using surrogacy in the US, only at a much lower price. Some organizations even offer airfare and accommodations as part of the price, letting you set your budget properly.

Getting The Right Results

It’s important that you take the proper steps for surrogacy and for lowering your overall costs. Doing so begins by understanding exactly what you need, what your surrogacy will involve, and how to go about it. For example, for a US couple to have a surrogate in Georgia it must be shown that one of the parents is biologically related to the child. This means that the IVF process has to use either sperm or eggs from the parent.

Additionally, speak to the surrogacy agency about the process and how you will pay for it. In some instances, there may actually be payment options, financing plans, and more. And you can also take other steps to reduce costs such as finding local accommodations during the process or by planning on only visiting the country periodically during the pregnancy. The agency will handle the monitoring and care for the gestational mother, and intended parents need not spend the entire pregnancy in Georgia.

If you’re serious about becoming a parent, surrogacy is an option worth taking a look at. It’s also something that can be expensive. But the tips above can help lower overall costs and bring it more within your budget. Think about your options and compare them and you’ll be able to find a surrogacy plan that works best for your needs.