How To Become A Surrogate Mother In Georgia

Surrogacy has become a major part of having a child for many people. It offers benefits to all involved – the intended parents struggling with fertility are able to finally become parents and the surrogate mother receives compensation.

For various reasons, many couples look to surrogacy agencies in Georgia to help them with their surrogacy. It can save American couples money, and provides the very same results that surrogacy provides elsewhere. The country of Georgia has become a mecca for intended parents as a result – and this has provided numerous opportunities to gestational mothers.

If you’re thinking of becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia, there are a few things to pay attention to. Understanding how to become one can help you see more about just what your options are and how to succeed at it.

Why Become A Surrogate Mother?

There are various reasons that someone may decide to become a surrogate mother. However, a couple of major points stand out as being the primary factors driving them to the decision.

  • Financial Compensation – The obvious reason is simple. Surrogate mothers receive substantial compensation through the surrogacy agency. These funds are paid by the intended parents and distributed to the surrogate according to pre-determined agreements. Usually part of the payment is made upon the confirmation of pregnancy, then the remainder is paid upon birth. But, different arrangements may be made. Still, the financial gain is very large and can truly be life changing for a woman.
  • Personal Satisfaction – The other big reason to become a surrogate mother in Georgia is the fact that you get a strong sense of personal satisfaction. After all, you’re helping make someone else’s dream come true. Few people can say that they’ve made such a profound impact on another’s life, but surrogates can.

Whatever the reason for becoming a surrogate mother, the bottom line is that it is a highly rewarding action that can help give you financial stability as well as pride and happiness. And with many women out there who love the experience of being pregnant, it makes sense that so many are choosing this path.

The Surrogacy Requirements

Once you decide that being a surrogate mother is something that interests you, the next big question is how to go about becoming one. While each surrogacy agency, doctor, and intended parents will have their own requirements, there are numerous basic requirements that will have to be met in order to even be considered. These include the following.

  • The surrogate must have at least one child of her own.
  • She must be mentally and physically healthy
  • Her age must be between 20 and 35
  • She must have no bad habits such as smoking or drug use.
  • Married women must submit their husband’s legal consent to her being a surrogate.
  • She must submit numerous blood group and Rh factor tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, and more to show total health.
  • She can’t have a history of miscarriages, preterm deliveries, or operative deliveries
  • There should be no contraindications for carrying or delivering a child

Essentially, you’ll have to meet numerous requirements showing that you are fully healthy and that the risk to the baby is low should you be chosen to carry one.

As mentioned above, there are various requirements that may exist with a specific doctor or intended parents – some may prefer that the surrogate have no husband or life partner, for example. The requirements above are the gateway to becoming a surrogate.

How To Become A Surrogate Mother In Georgia

The actual process of becoming a surrogate is fairly simple. Choose the surrogacy agency that you feel is right for you and enter an application. Once you are reviewed and it’s determined that you meet all of the basic requirements, you’ll be contacted for tests related to your health.

Upon passing the exams and answering any additional questions the agency may have, you’ll be placed into the pool of potential surrogates at the agency. From here, it’s a waiting game. You’ll have to wait until chosen to be a gestational mother. Some agencies allow intended parents to review information directly and find the perfect mother while others may use a more broad, generalized selection process.

Either way, once you’re chosen for surrogacy you’ll be contacted again. From there, the final steps are directly related to the process itself. You’ll finalize your agreement by signing various legal documents related to the process. These protect you as well as the intended parents, and essentially guarantee your financial compensation while also ensuring that you have no legal right to the child once born.

After signing the legal documents, the final step is to go through the medical process and be implanted with the embryo. From there, you’ll just carry the child and follow the medical checkup guidelines from the organization. Becoming a surrogate mother is easier than many realize, and could help you find more financial stability while making someone’s dreams come true.