Being a Surrogate Pros and Cons

Every year, countless couples struggle to conceive and have a child. This can leave them depressed and unfulfilled in their lives – after all, for many the process of building a family isn’t complete until a child is born into it. For those who can’t conceive, finding other paths to parenthood is important – and surrogacy can be a solution.

Of course, this requires that they actually have a surrogate mother who is willing to help them. For women who wish to become a surrogate, the process offers some very real pros and cons. Taking a closer look at them can help you make a decision as to whether or not being a surrogate is right for you.

The Pros of Being a Surrogate Mother

Every mother who chooses to become a surrogate has their own reason for making that decision. But no matter what the reason, they’ll often find that there are additional benefits they never expected. Here are some of the main benefits of being a surrogate mother.

  • The Money – This is usually the main reason that a surrogate mother considers the process. Surrogates generally receive large sums of money for their effort – payment can range from $30,000 to $60,000 or more depending on various circumstances.
  • The Experience – For many women, no experience on earth can compare to pregnancy. Surrogacy requires that the surrogate already have a child, and offers her a chance to carry a child to term and give birth again without having to take on the responsibility of raising the child afterward. For women who loved the experience of pregnancy, this is a chance to do it again.
  • Support Systems – Surrogates are connected to many different support systems including groups made up of other surrogates. This support system allows you to stay strong and can even help you find new friends.
  • Full Legal Protection And Medical Care – Throughout the pregnancy, surrogate mothers receive full legal protections and all medical care that is needed for them. They’ll be able to enjoy the experience without worry.
  • The Satisfaction – Few things can compare to the pride and the feeling of joy that comes with knowing that you have helped a couple become parents. For infertile couples, parenthood is a dream that often seems out of reach. Surrogates have a chance to change the lives of those parents, and the feeling that comes with doing so is unmatched. It’s a truly amazing gift, and one that only a surrogate will be able to give.

The Cons of Being a Surrogate Mother

Obviously, there are many benefits for surrogate mothers and plenty of reasons to choose to embark on such a journey. However, it is still important to be fully aware of potential disadvantages or drawbacks. Here are some of the things to bear in mind as you begin the process of surrogacy.

  • It Can Take a Toll – Surrogacy is a process that is physically and emotionally demanding. Surrogates are required to undergo a wide variety of screenings and tests to ensure that they are fit to be a surrogate. Then, they will have the responsibility of carrying a child in their womb for months. This can bring physical and emotional ups and downs, and it’s important that surrogate mothers stay strong and have a good support system in place.
  • Health Risks – While surrogates get ongoing medical care, the fact is that any pregnancy does have some risks. It’s important for potential surrogates to know about the health risks and be prepared for them.
  • It Takes Time – The entire process of surrogacy can take as much as 12 months on average. This means that becoming a surrogate requires devotion of a full year of your life.
  • The Stigma – Surrogacy is still something that can carry a stigma. Close-minded people may feel differently about a pregnant mother if they know that she is a surrogate. Potential surrogates should be prepared for this.

Getting The Best Experience From Surrogacy

It’s important to take some time and consider the pros and cons of surrogacy, then make a final decision about whether or not it is right for you. For most, the pros will outweigh the cons but it is still vital to speak to your loved ones and carefully consider the commitment required.

For surrogate mothers as well as the intended parents, it is important that the right steps be taken to provide full protection for all involved. The legal and medical aspects of surrogacy must all be considered fully. This is why for most, using a surrogacy agency is a must. The agency will provide legal and medical protection for everyone and ensure that the right outcome is achieved.

If you’re considering being a surrogate, you are embarking on a rewarding but sometimes challenging journey. A surrogacy agency will help you through the process.