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    Ekaterine Archvadze

    Since 2016 Ekaterine Archvadze has been working for Stork Service as an obstetrician-gynecologist. She graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University. Starting in 2008 Ms Ekaterine Archvadze engaged herself in medical activities. As an obstetrician-gynecologist she has worked for several clinics including the Charity Foundation to Fight Infertility, I.Zhordania Scientific Research Institute of Human Reproduction, and Georgian-American Clinic for Family Medicine.

    Ekaterine Archvadze is a highly qualified and well-experienced obstetrician-gynecologist certified by the professional development board under the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs.

    Having attended a training course the Role of Colposcopy for Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnosis in 2011 Ekaterine Archvadze was certified by the Georgia Society for Cervical Cancer Pathology and Colposcopy under Tbilisi State University. In 2013 Ekaterine Archvadze participated in the effective coaching for adults, in the course of which modern approaches were brought into focus. Thereupon she was certified by Tbilisi State Medical University.