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    Embryologist Edgar M. González Tovar

    Embryologist Edgar M. González TovarChief Embryologist of Zhordania’s Laboratory


    Professional Background

    Biologist with specialization in Biotechnology for Nacional Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City, Mx (1998-2003).

    Master in human reproduction and clinic embryology at Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (IVI), Seville, Spain (2003-2005).

    IVF lab director of INGENES Institute, Mexico City (2006-2007).

    IVF lab director of CEFAM medical group for one decade (2007-2017).

    Biopsy and PGS techniques training at Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago, USA (2009).

    Biopsy and PGS techniques training at IVI Seville, Seville, Spain (2010).

    Vitrification for human oocytes and embryos training at different cities worldwide (2006, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2017).

    Quality control at IVF lab training at Vitrolife headquarter, Denver, USA (2012).

    Design, implementation and setting up of 5 IVF laboratories at CEFAM medical group.

    Imparted training of 12 embryologist during a decade at CEFAM medical group.

    14 years of experience at IVF laboratory.

    12 years of experience heading IVF labs.

    Multiple talks and lectures through IVF congress, hospitals and universities in Mexico.

    Assistant to a ESRHE and ASRM academic congress for over a decade for actualization.

    ASRM, AMMR and ESHRE member.


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