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    Program 1


    Stage I Includes: (Initial Surrogate)

    1. Meeting services (Aeroport, booking, transfer and ect’.)
    2. Medical services (blood tests, US and etc.)
    3. Legal services
    4. Consultation of the surrogate mother with a psychologist
    5. Gynecological consultations of the surrogate mother
    6. Checking & selecting

    Stage II Includes: IVF cycle – (Preliminary management, medical and psychological screening and IVF cycle)

    1. Organizational and documentary maintenance of the program
    2. Checking & selecting of surrogate mothers (donors)
    3. Drugs for the endometrium increase and preparing a surrogate mother for embryos transplantation
    4. IVF procedure (selection of the patient’s egg cell)
    5. ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection) fertilization
    6. Growing of embryos for five days
    7. Embryos’ transplantation
    8. Test for HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

    Stage III includes: (Pregnancy (13th-26th wks of pregnancy)

    1. Checking the course of pregnancy and compensation to the surrogate mother
    2. Laboratory tests
    3. Carrying clinical case

    Stage IV includes: (Pregnancy, delivery, child birth registration (27th – 40th wks of pregnancy)

    1. Delivery organization in one of the maternity hospitals of Tbilisi
    2. Payment for obstetric services
    3. Anesthesiologist
    4. Neonatologist
    5. Pediatrician and other medical staff in the medical institution
    6. Legal support in obtaining of the Georgian birth certificate for a newborn