Reasons Why Many People Choose Tbilisi, Georgia For Surrogacy

Many individuals dream of having a family of their own. However, there are those who cannot enjoy this. It may be because of a medical condition. When that happens, people look for alternative ways to achieve their dreams.

Some people adopt. They look for already-born children. However, others prefer to go through the whole parenting experience. One good option that provides a ray of hope to them is surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia

When it comes to surrogacy, it is necessary to find the best agency that will fit your needs. Georgia is one of the most popular countries that hopeful parents visit. The country offers world-class and affordable surrogacy solutions. The clinics and their facilities are recognized globally for their advancement. Additionally, there is also a variety of treatment options that promise positive results.

Generally, there are multiple steps you need to follow. Intended parents start by matching with a surrogate mother. Then, the clinic will conduct the treatment. It all ends when the couple gets the baby.

Typically, intended parents will choose between two methods. The first option is the traditional surrogacy. The clinic uses an artificial insemination method. A problem that individuals who choose this procedure faces is the probability of the surrogate having an emotional bond with the baby since she will be carrying the fertilization with her own eggs.

Another method available in Tbilisi, Georgia is gestational surrogacy. Through the years, more people are choosing this procedure. With this, there is no genetic link between the surrogate and the baby. Clinics accomplish this by applying in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The clinic will combine the eggs and sperms to achieve fertilization. After that, the best quality embryo will be put into the uterus of the gestational surrogate. Following the successful planting of the embryo is the implantation and monitoring of the pregnancy, which will end with childbirth.

Common Reasons Why People Choose Georgia

The first thing you need to look into when choosing a place for surrogacy opportunities is the legality of the treatment. That is not an issue in Tbilisi, Georgia. In fact, the country is well-known for medical tourism.

If you are wondering what makes Georgia the best choice to fulfill your desire to become a parent and form a family, here are some of the reasons that make this country attractive to many couples:

  • Surrogacy laws in the country are easy to follow. The country legalized this practice in 1997. Since then, even foreign couples travel across the world to fulfill their dreams. Another advantage is that the surrogate mother does not have parental rights over the child, which means you will not have to worry about possible disputes. Intended parents will be the legal parents in the registration.


  • The requirements are not complicated. The registration process for intended parents is simple. You will have to sign a surrogacy agreement. At the same time, the surrogate mother will also sign a contract. Thus, you will have protection in case a problem arises in the future. The minimal documentation requirements in the country make the whole ordeal less hassle.


  • It is cost-effective. Compared to other countries where surrogacy is legal, Georgia’s is relatively at a lower cost. It is also easier to find a surrogate mother since there are certain legal processes for them too. In addition, many agencies also offer affordable packages that foreign couples can avail of. Since the whole ordeal is transparent, you can easily keep track of the financial aspect.

Choosing a Surrogacy Center

Since surrogacy has been legal in Georgia for decades, there are a lot of qualified agencies that you can choose from. These centers are well-equipped to handle the demands of international clients. Now, the challenge is to find the one that offers the best services.

You can start by searching for centers and comparing their packages. There are good packages that include access to competent doctors and quality medical facilities. Good agencies are also willing to sit down and discuss all possible options with you. They should be willing to provide answers to all your queries. After all, working with a surrogacy agency is a commitment.

One center that has high-quality facilities and skilled specialists is Stork Service Surrogacy Center. Our team can provide all your needs. We offer assistance not only during the treatment but throughout the whole process. We can handle the booking of tickets, hotel rooms, and accommodations. We have an extensive database of healthy surrogates and donors. Each of them is selected carefully to ensure that they are fit to be surrogate mothers. We also protect our clients’ confidentiality, and all our medical procedures are following international standards. Additionally, our staff is also well-trained to provide psychological, legal, and financial advice. Contact us now to learn more about our services.