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    Selection of ovum donor

    Donation of oocytes is a medical procedure for the stimulation of ovaries and taking ova, to which doctors/reproductologists and the female donor are very important, because the quality of the child’s life and the happiness of the parents depend directly on the viability of the obtained biomaterial.

    Selection Of Ovum DonorThe procedure for ovum donation consists of the effect on the body of special hormonal drugs until the maturation of the ovum and its collection from the ovary. Because the procedure is complex, a woman must undergo a full medical examination of the body, which will also allow the future couple to obtain the necessary information about the donor of the reproductive material for their unborn child.

    The Stork Service surrogacy center has its own base of donor ova with a wide choice of biological material in various parameters. If future parents wish to use the donor ovum, they can be sure that the donor has met the whole list of criteria that are described below.

    Legal criteria for inclusion in the database of candidates for the ovum donor:

    • A woman aged 20-30 years;
    • Presence of her own healthy child;
    • Attractive external data;
    • Psychological readiness to become a donor and understanding of the essence of the procedure.

    Medical criteria:

    • Lack of chronic and hereditary diseases, as well as physical anomalies;
    • Conclusion of a specialist about the normal state of psychological health;
    • Results of analyses of the absence of hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis, as well as sexually transmitted infections and diseases;
    • Normal functioning of the thyroid gland and favorable hormonal background;
    • Results of examination of ultrasound of the small pelvis;
    • Completed lactation after childbirth;
    • Absence of dependence on alcohol and drugs.

    Woman can not become an egg donor if there are:

    • Polycystic changes in the ovaries, fibroids, cysts, and other neoplasms;
    • Serious dysfunctions of the kidneys and cardiovascular system, as well as acute inflammatory processes of other organs;
    • Conducting a cesarean section within 10-12 months before the time of contact with the center.

    To demonstrate compliance with all the criteria of the future donor, a woman passes a full medical examination and completes the relevant form. It is impossible to intentionally provide false data, since all information is verified.