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    Tourist support

    Tourist supportTravel to Georgia, to a surrogate mother, is a necessary part of the program of the Stork Service center. At the request of customers, the solution of medical and legal issues can be combined with unforgettable rest and excursions. Today Georgia is becoming very popular as a tourist destination. Over the past two decades, the country has developed a modern tourist infrastructure that meets the highest international standards.

    Georgia is a stunningly beautiful country on the Black Sea coast with magnificent mountain landscapes, mineral springs and original cuisine. It will be useful for future parents to distract themselves from annoyances and completely immerse themselves in the wonderful emotions from traveling around the country. Specialists from the Stork Service center are ready to help you plan your holiday for any taste: a gourmet tour of the best restaurants, extreme trips to the mountains, spa relaxation in the salons on the beach, fishing and hunting trips, excursions to museums and art galleries, or joining the bazaars and souvenir shops.

    Programs for VIP clients

    Specialists at the Stork Service surrogacy center have experience in providing services to big businessmen, famous politicians, and stars in show business. The publicity of these persons is taken into account, which requires strict observance of the confidentiality of all events. Due to the special circumstances of our VIP clients, we are ready to offer a special plan for medical and other procedures.

    On individual request, we select donors of ova and sperm in accordance with a certain phenotype, level of intelligence. There are donors of model appearance, and persons with special creative abilities in our base. Thanks to the presence of an effective logistic service in the Stork Service center a single minute will not be spent in vain. VIP clients are provided with a personal driver for elite cars, an interpreter, and an excursion guide. Your time in Georgia will not only be for your benefit, but will also be spent pleasantly.