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    The path to happiness is open: the Stork Service center specialists will help you to become parents.

    If your family is faced with the problem of infertility, then it can be assumed by default that many options have been tried out. Perhaps you went through several IVF protocols, considered the prospect of adopting a child, visited psychics and healers. Whatever your previous path was, the international Stork Service surrogacy center offers you the possibility of the birth of your child in the biological sense.

    The result is the joint work of specialists.

    Surrogacy can be treated in several ways. Firstly, it is medical reproductive technology. Secondly, the totality of legal relations on the legalization of parental rights for a child that was not born by the biological mother through pregnancy. Thirdly, the woman’s realized act of using her body to help other people in finding a child, connected with a lot of emotional experiences.

    Taking into account all these aspects, the staff of the «Stork Service» center includes doctors, lawyers, psychologists, as well as coordinators, integrating all the links into one effectively functioning mechanism.

    Attention, participation and care from the first consultation.

    Even in ideal conditions, an appeal to the surrogate mother services is associated with certain disturbances. Therefore, the work of the specialists of the Stork Service center is aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the participants of the program. The center will organize all the necessary travel, including international flights.

    A solution is also provided to such a sensitive issue as the financial remuneration of a surrogate mother. Clients pay the agreed amount in the contract. All calculations with a surrogate mother are made without the participation of the biological parents. The risk of blackmail in order to increase remuneration and other undesirable actions by the surrogate mother is therefore excluded.