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    Surrogate mother – one of the faces of female destiny in the modern world

    In the last decade, surrogacy has acquired a new meaning. In connection with the success of artificial insemination, it became possible to exclude the biological relationship between the surrogate mother and the child. Both for surrogate mother, and biological parents, emotional stress is decreased. The desire to participate in such programs today is expressed by a lot of healthy young women. However, when selecting candidates in the Stork Service center, great importance is given to the presence of motivation – the desire to help infertile couples.

    Comfortable conditions and fair compensation for surrogate mothers.

    The Stork Service surrogacy center takes a number of measures to ensure the surrogate mother’s calmness and confidence. Medical procedures in the center are implemented in accordance with the highest international standards. This minimizes the risks to women’s health. Since the «Stork Service» center is focused primarily on helping foreign clients, the size of payments is profitable.

    Women are guaranteed legal support and complete confidentiality. Throughout the pregnancy plus one month after it, the surrogate mother receives cash compensation for the purchase of quality products, necessary medicines, clothes for pregnant women, etc. The cost of travel to the center of reproductive medicine and regular visits to the gynecologist is also compensated.

    The mechanism of insurance against possible risks and unforeseen circumstances.

    In the surrogacy contract the scheme of compensation is carefully prescribed in case the pregnancy does not go according to plan. For example, the size of the reward increases for a multiple pregnancy. The payment of the agreed sum is made to the surrogate mother in case of miscarriage that was not her fault.

    Sometimes, according to the results of prenatal diagnosis, a serious developmental abnormality is revealed in the fetus, and biological parents make a decision about abortion. In such circumstances, the surrogate mother also expects compensation. In cooperation with the «Stork Service» center, a surrogate mother will not have to discuss money matters with clients personally. Any disputable situations are solved with the direct participation of specialists of the center. However, due to well-written contracts, there are practically no grounds for contradictions.