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    The work of the Stork Service center team is calmness and confidence for all participants of surrogate motherhood programs

    After signing the contract with the clients, work begins jointly with specialists from different fields: doctors, lawyers, logisticians, psychologists, managers. Stork Service center has partner relations with the best reproductive centers in the country, where important diagnostic activities take place, obtaining biological mother’s ova and surrogate mother’s IVF. For the successful legalization of the child brought by biological parents from Georgia, the «Stork Service» center has partner relations with reputable law firms in various countries around the world.

    Efficient logistics solutions

    Specialists at the Stork Service center understand that customers are busy, active people, immersed in a working rhythm. Therefore, the trip to Georgia is planned as efficiently as possible. In accordance with the future parents’ wishes for the date, tickets for airplanes and hotel rooms are booked for our clients. On arrival at the airport, a married couple is met by a coordinator who helps to overcome the language barrier and navigate the country.

    Various consultations and medical examination are carried out as soon as possible. The arrival of a candidate for surrogate mother at the appointed time and place is also provided by the specialists of the Stork Service center.
    The coordinator is always in touch with the clients during their stay in Georgia and is ready to answer any questions at any point.

    Curatorial control of surrogate mother

    A healthy way of life during pregnancy is an important condition for the birth of a strong baby. When she signs the contract, the woman agrees to visit the gynecologist according to the schedule to undergo the necessary diagnostics. She is paid monetary compensation monthly, which is more than enough for good food, vitamins, and renting decent housing if necessary.

    For each surrogate mother, Stork Service center assigns a curator who regularly visits the woman. Based on the results of each visit, a report is compiled. Excerpts from these reports are given to the biological parents. Thus, the risk of misappropriation of money, the use of alcohol by the woman, living in an unfavorable environment, and other potential risks are eliminated entirely.