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    Information For Surrogate Mothers

    Surrogacy in the Stork Service center – legal, anonymous, honest

    Stork Service center provides surrogate mother with qualified legal support, observance of confidentiality and fair monetary compensation. Cooperation with candidates for surrogate mothers is based on the principle of mutual trust and respect.

    The company greatly appreciates the desire of candidates to participate in the programs of the center, and at the same time makes equally high demands of surrogate mothers. These include honesty when providing personal information, as well as the willingness to consciously bear and give birth to a child and transfer it to biological parents.

    Legal requirements for the candidate of the Surrogate motherhood program:

    • Age 20-35 years;
    • Having your own child without serious health problems;
    • No criminal record for committing serious crimes;
    • Lack of problems with social services (deprivation of parental rights, etc.).
    • Written permission from the husband if the woman is married.

    Medical requirements for the future surrogate mother:

    • Own child was born naturally on time, without Caesarean section;
    • Absence of contraindications to a new pregnancy and delivery;
    • Having a specialist’s conclusion about the normal state of psychological health
    • Lack of alcohol and drug dependence;
    • Absence of such diseases as hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis;
    • Lack of sexually transmitted infections;
    • Condition of reproductive organs: healthy endometrium of the uterus, absence of polyps, cysts, myomatous nodes;
    • Vaccination against rubella.

    Woman cannot be a surrogate mother if:

    • Potentially not ready to bear and transfer the child to parents;
    • Has complex hereditary and chronic diseases;
    • Has not received the husband’s official consent for the provision of surrogacy services.

    Psychological readiness to become a surrogate mother

    Specialists at the Stork Service center emphasize not only that the child’s bearing is safe for the health of the surrogate mother and fetus. The woman should also be fully prepared for this crucial step. First and foremost, she should be guided by a sincere desire to help childless couple become parents, and only after that should she be concerned with material rewards.

    Legislative aspect

    The Stork Service surrogacy center carries out its activities in strict compliance with the legal framework of Georgia. We focus on cooperation with biological parents from countries with a developed economy, so that our surrogate mothers receive a worthwhile reward. A child borne by a woman is not a biological relative to her, so the mother and father after birth are those people whose genetic material was used for fertilization.

    Guarantees to a surrogate mother from the Stork Service center

    Cooperation between surrogate mothers and our center is a guaranteed opportunity to avoid unrest, anxiety and financial risks.

    To each participant of the program we guarantee:

    • Legitimate legal agreement;
    • Psychological and medical support;
    • Compensation of expenses for food, purchase of vitamins, rent for accommodation;
    • Financial reward after the birth of a child.

    We are interested in the ability of each party to sign a fair contract, in which the rights and obligations of each party will be stipulated. This contract covers absolutely every aspect of the interaction between the biological parents and surrogate mother; therefore, it requires a clear indication of the costs of pregnancy and the amount of remuneration. At the same time, provisions for various risks are included: complications, diseases, the need for hospitalization, medical abortion, and caesarean section, which are fully paid for by the biological parents.

    Contact the Stork Service surrogacy center – we will make sure that your pregnancy is comfortable and you are well compensated for it!