Surrogacy Agencies In Georgia

Most couples that decide to start a family do it the old fashioned way. The woman becomes pregnant, and nine months later, a baby is born. Sadly, not every couple can take the traditional approach because of medical obstacles. If a woman with fertility issues, for example, may experience multiple miscarriages in an attempt to bring a child into the world. A woman with a heart condition, on the other hand, puts both herself and the baby at risk due to the massive physical demands pregnancy makes on the body for months.

Surrogacy, fortunately, is one way for hopeful families to make their dreams come true. This is where another woman, medically assessed as suitable, agrees to become pregnant. Once the baby is born, she introduces it to the hopeful family, and a new life together begins.

For people who are thinking of taking this route to start their family, surrogacy agencies in Georgia are often used as the destination to address this issue. Here’s why.

What Is A Surrogacy Agency?

A surrogacy agency can be many things, or it can be just one thing. At its core, the primary goal of a surrogacy agency is to help hopeful couples to find a surrogate mother they can work with. This is always one of the biggest hurdles a couple faces, as a reliable surrogate mother, medically suitable and willing to make the enormous sacrifice, is rare.

Attempting to find a surrogate on your own is possible, but it requires an enormous investment in time and work. Couples must be prepared to learn how to properly screen and interview potential candidates. They must investigate references and background checks themselves and coordinate with medical professionals to ensure proper medical evaluation.

A surrogacy agency, at a minimum, does all this “heavy lifting” on behalf of the couple. With their experience, they can screen out unsuitable applicants, check references, conduct background checks, and ensure proper medical evaluation. With a surrogacy agency, all the couple has to do is coordinate with the agency, and pick from the suitable candidates already available.

Why Georgia?

There are definite benefits for a hopeful family in getting help from a surrogacy agency, but why go to Georgia in particular? Georgia is a country located in the southeast of Europe, bordered by Turkey, Russia, and other nations. It is a stable, peaceful nation with excellent financial and technological infrastructure, rich history, many tourism destinations, and world-class facilities in hospitality, medicine, entertainment, and more.

It is also very friendly to surrogacy. The custody rights of hopeful parents are laid out in the Georgian constitution. As long as the proper legal documents have been signed, submitted, and approved, hopeful parents, have full rights to a newborn. This is a stark contrast to other areas, such as some states in the USA, where no formal rights have been defined, and surrogate mothers can nullify an agreement and claim custody of a child.

It’s important to note, however, that surrogacy agencies in Georgia can only legally help heterosexual couples. Same-sex couples looking for a surrogate mother will be referred to other countries.

What The Georgia Difference Is

Surrogacy agencies in Georgia are popular because they go above and beyond the initial phase of “match-making” hopeful families to surrogate mothers. This is still an incredibly important first step, however. Georgian surrogacy agencies perform all due diligence in rigorously screening surrogate mothers for health, lifestyle, and even genetic factors, if their egg is used rather than an outside donor.

However, because Georgian agencies are used to dealing withhopeful foreign families, a “complete process” is available. Georgia allows for compensated surrogacies, meaning the surrogate mothers receive substantial financial remuneration for their participation. This makes the available pool of suitable candidates much larger. It also allows for more comprehensive care and follows up.

With Georgian surrogacy agencies, it’s possible to work with a single organization “from start to finish.” Hopeful families can meet a large number of candidates, talk to them, get a feel for them, and reach an arrangement. Once that’s done, the agency can step in to help both the hopeful family and the surrogate mother to deal with fertilization. Comprehensive agencies already have contacts with medical experts for both artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization for gestational surrogacies.

From there, a Georgian Surrogacy agency can act as both “babysitter” and liaison between the surrogate other and the hopeful family. They ensure the surrogate mother is taken care of for living expenses and adequately evaluated by doctors at regular intervals. They can also arrange for the hopeful family to visit regularly and make the arrangements for arrival once the time of birth draws near.

Finally, once the baby is born, comprehensive agencies can even work with legal experts to ensure the returning newborn is granted citizenship in the returning country of residence. These and other conveniences are all available at more prominent, more experienced surrogacy agencies in Georgia.