Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy is one of the most effective options for those who dream of having a family to do so even if they have struggled with infertility issues in the past. Surrogacy allows you to take a couple of paths to being parents, but it’s important that you go through the right process when doing so.

Using a surrogacy agency makes it easier to find success and to do so without stress or worry. If you’re thinking of using surrogacy to have a child, understanding the basics of why a surrogacy agency is so important is a good idea.

What Is A Surrogacy Agency

A surrogacy agency is an organization that focuses on providing a path to parenthood for those who are unable to do so. Surrogacy today uses IVF – in vitro fertilization – to fertilize an egg and a sperm outside the womb, then implant that embryo into a gestational carrier. They’ll then carry the child to term, and upon birth the intended parents become the full legal parents of the child.

Surrogacy agencies handle the entirety of the process for the intended parents including:

  • The fertilization process
  • All testing and medical procedures
  • Finding and matching with a surrogate
  • All legal aspects of the surrogacy
  • Post-birth steps for finalizing parenthood

Essentially, intended parents are able to turn to a surrogacy agency and go through the entire process of surrogacy without having to worry about the specifics. The agency handles things for them and serves as a guide as well as a team that helps the parents end up with the child they want.

Why Use A Surrogacy Agency?

There are numerous reasons that turning to a surrogacy agency is the best path to take for those who wish to have a child but are unable to do so. It’s far too common for hopeful parents to turn to friends or family members to carry their child, but the reality is that this rarely ends well and can create many problems. Instead, it’s worth using an organization that does nothing but handle surrogacy.

Some of the main reasons to turn to a surrogacy agency include the following.

  • You’ll be matched with a surrogate who will increase the chance of success. Surrogates are required to meet numerous criteria that ensures they will be ale to go through their pregnancy healthy and without complications. It also ensures that there are no issues with the legal side of surrogacy and that the child born through the process is the intended parents’ child.
  • IVF has come a long way over the last couple of decades and today it’s more likely than ever that you will end up having a child successfully through surrogacy. The surrogacy agency helps increase the odds by using modern techniques and creating a pregnancy.
  • All legal aspects of surrogacy are handled directly by the agency as well. This means that the surrogate and the intended parents are fully protected and all rights are laid forth before the process begins. This ensures that the intended parents immediately become the sole parents of the child and that the gestational mother receives the compensation she was promised.
  • Stress is a huge problem today, and with surrogacy that stress can be even more profound. But using a surrogacy agency helps reduce stress levels. It ensures that you get exactly the kind of outcome you are supposed to. From legal worries to worries about the health of the baby, the surrogacy agency reduces risks and ensures that parents are able to get the best experience possible with the least amount of stress.

Simply put, using a surrogacy agency gives you the best results and the easiest, most effective path to parenthood. If you’re ready to finally become a parent but still struggle with fertility issues, a surrogacy agency could be the solution you’re looking for.

What To Expect

The process of using a surrogacy agency is straightforward enough. It’s important to note that different situations and different couples may require different specific steps, but for the most part the process of surrogacy is similar from one case to another. Here’s a rundown of the basics you can expect to occur.

  • You’ll start by talking to the surrogacy team who will determine the best type of IVF for your case and who will help match you up with a surrogate. The team will explain the entire process to you and break down what you can expect to happen during surrogacy.
  • All legal documents are signed and payments are made as according to the required pay structure. The intended parents as well as the gestational mother will all sign the appropriate documents.
  • The process of IVF occurs, with implanted embryos being placed into the gestational mother. In most cases, parents will be able to meet and interact with the gestational mother throughout the pregnancy.
  • Ongoing care is provided to the mother throughout the pregnancy.
  • Upon birth, the intended parents are the sole legal parents of the child. The gestational mother has no legal rights and will not be on the birth certificate.
  • Steps are taken to allow the intended parents to return home.

That’s the process at its core. Surrogacy agencies are one of the best ways for couples to become parents if they’ve struggled in the past, and deserve a closer look by anyone hoping to have a child.