Surrogacy In Tbilisi Georgia

Many people come together, fall in love, and then decide to take the next step of beginning a family. But while most couples in this situation take the next step of pregnancy and childbirth, for some, this is a huge hurdle or one that is even impossible. There can be many different reasons for this. Women with health issues, for example, may put both themselves and a baby at risk by attempting a pregnancy. In other cases, a same-sex male couple, or a hopeful mother with her uterus surgically removed in a life-saving surgery, may be biologically incapable of becoming pregnant.

For couples with these challenges, there’s still hope. Surrogacy, while requiring more financial investment than a traditional pregnancy, is a way for couples to still have a newborn child that they can genetically call their own. Surrogate motherhood, however, is not easy to carry or universally accepted in all parts of the world, which is one reason why Tbilisi, in Georgia, is a popular destination for couples wishing to undertake surrogate motherhood.

Where & What Is Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is a city in the country of Georgia, located in the east of Europe. Tbilisi is the capital of the country, and is a haven of history, business, industry, and culture for the nation. While it still plays host to many of the traditions and historical aspects of Europe, it is also a modern, vibrant urban center with all the conveniences, safety, and stability of a developed country. Indoor plumbing, reliable electricity, low violence, and an organized government are all hallmarks of the city and Georgia.

This means for people who choose to visit the city; there’s a wealth of things to do. Fans of history and culture can visit important landmarks with stunning architecture, such as authentic, period cathedrals. But people who want a slice of the modern good life can enjoy a night in the city with music, clubs, drinks and good food. There’s something for everyone that chooses to come.

Georgia’s Legal Position On Surrogacy

There is only one major legal restriction on surrogacy in the country of Georgia, and that is for same-sex couples. A law was created in 1997 that now forbids same-sex couples from using surrogacy services in the country. However, that one limitation aside, surrogacy in Georgia is very easy to do from a legal standpoint, as the one big concern has already been addressed; the protection of the hopeful parents.

In some countries, such as France and Germany, surrogacy of any kind is outlawed, meaning that couples that risk surrogacy within these areas must share biological parenthood with the birth mother. In other words, if a surrogate mother in one of these countries changes her mind, and refuses to let a newborn join its intended family, her rights as the child’s parents will be fully respected by the law of that country.

In Georgia, laws have been created that protect the rights of a hopeful family. Once a legally verifiable surrogacy contract has been formed, a surrogate mother, despite giving birth to a child, is not legally recognized as a parent, and does not have any legal guardianship rights over a child. The hopeful family is 100% legally granted full recognition and rights as parents of the newborn.

Modern Medical Treatment

Another reason that Tbilisi, Georgia is a favored destination for hopeful families considering surrogacy is the medical environment. This is not a third world nation with a struggling medical infrastructure that needs to work hard to maintain even a sterile environment in which to conduct surgery.

Georgia, Tbilisi has both the modern medical equipment and the experienced, knowledgeable medical staff to treat both illnesses, as well as undertake complex medical procedures, such as In Vitro Fertilization, that transfers fertilized eggs into a surrogate mother to move onto a normal pregnancy. Visitors can expect modern comforts when they visit, but, more importantly, surrogate mothers are treated with the best medical technology and support, along with a qualified staff that is experienced in every phase of surrogacy, right down to a safe, medically supervised delivery.

This also means that the city is well prepared to accommodate more advanced surrogacy needs, such as the easy administrative process and handling of cryogenically frozen donor materials, such as egg, sperm, or both. Once safely transported, they can be used in the IVF procedure, or, if preferred, a donor can be found locally, either for IVF or as the surrogate mother herself.

Smooth Administrative & Legal Experience

The best part about choosing to come to Tbilisi is the comparative simplicity of surrogacy here. Because the procedure is so well established, everything from organizing financing, to travel arrangements, to the all-important legal work of ensuring a baby has proper citizenship rights upon returning to the country of origin can all be safely handled here. You don’t have to worry about the enormous complexity of surrogacy because a good surrogacy agency has all the services under one roof to handle it.