Surrogate Motherhood Service


The choice to have a child and begin a family may seem like a natural progression for couples, but in the 21st century, things are not always so straightforward. For men and women who wish to be parents, there may sometimes be physical, medical or even genetic reasons for why having a family through traditional childbirth with the mother may not be feasible. For others, such as same-sex couples, there may be a sincere wish to raise a child from infancy, with the genetic characteristics of a parent, but an issue of neither parent being able to provide the womb an infant requires for safe gestation and birth.

It is for these reasons that surrogate mother services have arisen. Parenthood is both a heavy responsibility and a major step in any burgeoning family’s life. For many different reasons, people who would make wonderful parents, with no major financial issues for the welfare of a child, face different obstacles in bringing a baby into a loving family environment. Surrogate motherhood services can be the solution that overcomes these challenges, and allows otherwise qualified parents to finally give a child a warm, loving environment to grow up in.

A Serious Commitment

Deciding to have a child is already a big step that requires a lot of thought and planning. But if there’s a need to have the child brought into the world through the use of surrogate mother services, the complexity and commitment required go up exponentially. While surrogate motherhood has been a concept in practice for several decades, there are many risks and variables to consider. Choosing a surrogate is not the only consideration, there are many financial and legal ramifications that need to be considered as well.

For example, there’s the question of genetic material. Is this a situation where there are a mother and father who both want to contribute their family lines to the child? If so, are there genetic samples already available, or will these need to be collected? If the samples already exist, how will they be retrieved and used? This is something that will require the utmost medical expertise.

Beyond that, the selection of the actual surrogate is also important. Overall physical health and lifestyle are major considerations. With such an enormous responsibility to a family, a simple willingness to carry a child to term cannot be the only factor in weighing whether someone should be allowed to act as a surrogate.

Financial & Legal

Beyond the medical and physical considerations, there are also more abstract—but no less important—variables that have to be addressed. The decision to use surrogate motherhood services involves a lot of medical consultation, confirmation, and attention. This is a process that will carry on for several months, and require constant monitoring. In addition, the actual delivery is an intensive process, and all of this will require a sizable financial investment on the part of the hopeful parents. Anyone that wants to ensure the best possible chance for a successful surrogate motherhood experience must be willing to provide the finances.

There are also legal issues, though this will vary from one situation to the next, and even one country to the next. Because our particular surrogate motherhood services are based in the nation of Georgia, for example, this means that the child will be safely delivered here. Some nations may have issues that need to be negotiated legally regarding the citizenship of the child if born outside that country. In other cases, contracts may need to be negotiated to iron out the specific details of genetic donors if the parents cannot both be involved.

Be Informed. Do It Right

If parents are unable to bear a child on their own and require surrogate motherhood services, take the time to do this right. Do your research, and, most important of all, talk to experts. While “nature takes care of itself” regarding a normal, unexpected, unplanned pregnancy, the desire to have a child when there are obstacles in the way requires much more effort and planning. This is not something that you can trust to fate, or just hope “things work out.”

Take the time to find out what you want and how you want to do it. Is there a reason you don’t want to go with adoption? Do you have genetic material available? What types of medical considerations, if any, must enter into this equation, especially regarding possible genetic disorders that may be passed on? How do you want to make arrangements for a surrogate? What exactly are you looking for?

An experienced surrogate motherhood service will be able to answer all of these questions, and many you haven’t even thought of. By doing it right, and making an informed choice where you know what your options are you’ll be increasing your chances of successfully starting a new family.