Tbilisi, Georgia: Affordable, High-Quality Surrogacy 

While it’s natural for many couples to decide to spend their lives together and start a family, the conventional route is not always available. For some, traditional pregnancy and childbirth may be either not medically advised or even no longer possible due to health or surgical considerations. For these couples, surrogacy is an alternative, where another woman agrees to become pregnant and then unite that newborn with a hopeful couple.

However, for many reasons, some couples may choose to find and work with a surrogate mother in another country. Georgia, in Eastern Europe, is one prominent destination for this, but why are so many now choosing Georgia?

Where Is Georgia?

Georgia is a country in Eastern Europe. While America has a state named Georgia, the country of Georgia has been inhabited for millennia, with the country being the site of some of the oldest discovered win in the world at over 8000 years. Georgia has been recognized as a nation as early as the 10th century, predating the state in the USA by over 7000 years.

Georgia sits in the Southeastern area of Europe, acting as a gateway of sorts between Europe and Asia and being part of the “silk road” for land trade between the continents. It borders the Black Sea, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Today, the country still enjoys a sort of “crossroads” status, acting as a gateway between nations like Turkey and the Central Asia region while still affording easy access to Europe. It is not, however, a member of the European Union, though it is currently under consideration as a candidate after applying in 2022.

Georgia is, however, a modern nation with strong connections to the Western World, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its progressive laws and way of life. Unlike many countries, Georgia formally entered the rights of surrogate mothers and parents into its constitution, doing away with any debate or legal ambiguity about the status of compensated surrogacy in the country.

From a technology and lifestyle point of view, Georgia is very much a forward-facing, modern country, and its capital city, Tbilisi, is a city of the world. The culture, history, entertainment, and even nightlife of the country are all highly developed, but perhaps more importantly, the medical facilities and personnel that live and work in Tbilisi are world-class, providing an equivalent level of treatment and care to any other Western nation.

The Tbilisi Advantage

One of the biggest benefits of considering surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia, is the ability to enjoy world-class surrogacy and medical facilities without necessarily paying the same commanding prices as in the United States. Clinics in Tbilisi can still provide the same attentive care, and technical proficiency for delicate procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization and implantation, the significant price tag of American treatment is not a factor here. This means much more cost-effectiveness for couples without compromising quality or medical care.

Another big benefit is experience. Being a cosmopolitan city with experience in international travelers, clinics in Tbilisi, Georgia, are well-versed in handling foreign clients, even though they have their own local language. Whether the clients prefer to speak English, Mandarin, or even Spanish, communication is not an issue. Clinics here can help travelers unfamiliar with the area and language to navigate the complexities of surrogacy and meet with a local surrogate mother candidate, ensuring that all the lines of communication are open and clearly understood. Everyone’s rights are respected and protected.

Legal Peace Of Mind

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that come of deciding to go with a surrogate clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia, is that the experience with international clients also translates into better, safer, international results. Tbilisi has its own set of laws laying out surrogacy rights and requirements, but it also has law firms with the legal expertise to handle issues of birth and citizenship in another country.

When a couple leaves a country and comes back with a newborn claiming that the child is their own, recognizing the parents’ legal custody and granting the child citizenship is not as easy as if the woman, upon departure, was pregnant. Depending on the country of residence, certain legal procedures must be observed and followed through to ensure that a child can safely return to the country of intended residence. Otherwise, without preparation, a child can be refused citizenship, deemed “stateless,” and not be allowed to enter the country.

More Reasons To Go

If you’re looking for a nation that offers constitutional protections for surrogates and intended parents, access to top-tier medical facilities and personnel, and the international experience of dealing with foreign visitors and their legal needs, Tbilisi in Georgia may be the place for you. The pool of medically suitable surrogate mother candidates affords a lot of choices, and the cost benefits of world-class treatment without an inflated price tag can’t be ignored. Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia, is premium safe, and affordable treatment.