Tips On Choosing A Surrogacy Agency

Over the years, surrogacy has helped countless people become parents after trying without success on their own. The process can be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved, and is something that can truly make dreams come true. But, there are numerous paths to surrogacy out there and for many the first step is just making sure that they find the absolute best surrogacy agency they can.

While they all offer the same basic thing, every surrogacy agency is different in a lot of ways. This is one of the biggest, most monumental experiences of your life and it’s vital that you choose the right one so you can relax and enjoy the entire process instead of worrying or stressing from day to day. The surrogacy experience should be one of joy and happiness, and knowing you’ve chosen the right surrogacy agency is a key part of that.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the best tips to help you choose the best surrogacy agency for your upcoming experience. These can help make certain that you have a positive surrogacy from start to finish.

Type Of Artificial Insemination

The first thing to look into is how the process of artificial insemination is handled. Different couples have different needs here – some may be able to use their own eggs and sperm and allow a surrogate to carry their child while others may need a donation of sperm or eggs to complete the process.

The type of artificial insemination is important since it will impact the biological relationship to the child. For many, this is a minor point since the child is the most important thing, but it’s still important to understand the basics of how your child will be conceived before you start taking the next steps. Most surrogacy agencies can handle any of the IVF procedures, but it’s still a good idea to check first.

Care And Legal Protection

There should be a very clear, easy to understand process for care during pregnancy as well as for all legal protections for everyone involved. Gestational mothers should be expected to receive the best regular care possible, and it should be available to them through the agency’s channels.

There should also be contracts that ensure that the intended parents have full legal rights to the child and that the gestational mother has no such rights, but that she is guaranteed her full compensation. Be sure to look at the payment cycle and how this is managed as well. In short, you want to ensure that everything is legitimate and that all three people involved as well as the baby are protected medically and legally.

Online Reputation Or Reviews

Online reviews, reputations, and discussions are easy to find about everything these days. Take some time to look up the agency you’re considering using and you should be able to see what others have said about it.

Price And Location

There’s a reason that these two factors are listed together – because where you go to get your surrogacy will have a dramatic impact on price. In the US, prices vary widely from state to state, agency to agency. But, average costs are still around $100,000 for most couples That’s why many are going overseas. For instance, surrogacy in the Ukraine offers the same experience and the same outcome but with much less expense – average costs for surrogacy in the Ukraine are around $30,000 to $45,000. That’s why many couples are choosing to become parents using Ukraine surrogacy.

One thing to keep in mind when you choose to go to a foreign surrogacy center, however – in the US, at least one parent must be able to show that they are biologically related to the child in order for that child to become a US citizen. As long as either mother or father are fertile, this shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, gay couples are not able to go to Ukraine for surrogacy due to their national laws.

However, surrogacy in other locations can be a viable way to save money and still become a parent. Comparing overall costs is an important part of choosing the right surrogacy agency for your needs.

Your Gut Instinct

Finally, trust your heart. If you visit a surrogacy agency and don’t feel comfortable with their team, their contracts, or even the facility itself, you shouldn’t feel as though you’re obligated to use them. Instead, you need to feel totally at ease and confident in the process they’re providing to you.

If you don’t, it’s time to look somewhere else. Keep all of the points above in mind but in the end remember that this is your child and your future. You need to be able to enjoy the surrogacy experience, not spend months filled with worry, stress, and dread. Choose carefully and you’ll have a great journey that will be rewarding in many different ways.