What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Stork Surrogacy?

Many couples who want to spend the rest of their lives together and begin a new phase by creating a family will go the usual route. The woman in the relationship becomes pregnant, and 9 months later, an infant is born, and life as a family begins. But not everyone has this option. Some couples have significant medical obstacles that prevent this option, such as a heart condition that would put both mother and child at risk or a hysterectomy to win the fight against cancer that results in the surgical removal of the uterus.

Surrogacy is a popular alternative for such couples. With this method, the couple finds another woman who is medically suitable for carrying a pregnancy to term, and she agrees to become pregnant on their behalf, uniting the new couple with their new baby after birth. Many couples are finding this to be a viable solution for having a newborn baby of their own, and going abroad to work with surrogacy agencies in other countries is an increasingly popular option.

Stork Surrogacy is one such agency providing many benefits for people thinking of surrogacy, such as:

Foreign Experience

Stork Surrogacy has had years of experience dealing with couples from other countries who come to Tbilisi, the capital city of the Eastern European nation of Georgia. One issue that is challenging for many couples choosing to go abroad is communication, which is the cornerstone of any successful surrogate pregnancy. Couples shouldn’t necessarily count on a surrogate mother being fluent in their language, whether English, French, or Mandarin Chinese.

Stork Surrogacy can facilitate surrogate mother partnerships in the language hopeful families are most comfortable with. While English is often considered the lingua franca of the world today, it is not the sole language of communication. Stork Surrogacy has a staff that can get couples through every phase of the surrogacy experience with a clear understanding of what’s happening and the ability to ask questions, make clarifications, and make other requests that are understood and responded to.

End-To-End Service

Many agencies and clinics specialize in specific phases of the surrogacy journey, but Stork Surrogacy can help people at every stage, from reaching out in a foreign country to eventually returning home to the country of residence with a newborn child. This is because Stork Surrogacy has important alliances with different organizations that can all contribute to each stage. For example, some of the groups Stork Surrogacy works with include:

GGRC Clinic

The GGRC clinic emphasizes surrogacy support and is there for couples even at the earliest phases, helping them to interview and find a surrogate mother. This is one of the most crucial stages in the surrogacy process, but the clinic can help with a successful search, meet-up, and ultimate partnership.

Chachava Medical Center

Chachava Medical Center is located in the capital of Tbilisi and is a legacy medical facility, serving Tbilisi residents for over 100 years. It began operations in Georgia in 1875, helping local medical needs. Today, it welcomes patients from all over the world. It has a complete suite of services for all surrogacy needs, including obstetric and gynecological-related medical assessments and treatment.

Zhordania IVF Center

For couples looking for a specific type of surrogacy, the Zhordania center in the capital of Tbilisi provides In Vitro Fertilization facilities with well-equipped labs and personnel resources. The IVF procedure is perfect for couples that want a “true” genetic descendant, that is, as with traditional childbirth, a 50% genetic mix of the mother and father. This involves collecting donor eggs and sperm, supervising the fertilization in a lab, and implanting that fertilized egg in the surrogate mother. At birth, the child will be a direct genetic descendant of the hopeful parents, with the only difference being that gestation occurred in another woman’s womb. If eggs are already in cryogenic storage in another location, they have the expertise to ensure they are safely transported to the center and used for implantation.

Inova IVF Center

The Inova IVF center is a new addition to the Tbilisi medical sphere, opening just in 2015. However, this means the facilities are modern and even cutting-edge regarding infrastructure and personnel. Similar to Zhordania IVF Center, IVF services are also available here. Additional services include techniques such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for couples with a family medical history of hereditary disorders. These screening technologies ensure that if multiple eggs are fertilized, those that may carry family diseases, such as sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis, are detected and not used for implantation to ensure the baby’s best possible start in life.

Legal Protocols

Another important area where Stork Surrogacy helps foreign couples is with the final legal hurdles regarding citizenship. Couples can’t just return to their country of residence with a newborn and necessarily expect that baby to be considered a citizen. Story Surrogacy knows the laws of different countries and can help couples to ensure their child is not “stateless” and thus not allowed entry into the intended country of residence when the time comes.