What You Need To Know Before Getting Surrogacy Services Abroad

A family is known as the basic unit in human society. Despite what some people may think, there really is no single path that one needs to take to build a family. While there are those who take the traditional route, some choose surrogacy.

Gone are the days when people think of this option as taboo. It has become an accepted alternative for people who cannot go through traditional childbirth. No matter what the reason is, whether it be fertility issues or some medical condition, surrogacy brings hope to many couples.

Going International

Some people may find the whole process as exhaustive and complicated. You have to be ready emotionally and financially. That is why thinking of creating life abroad can be intimidating. Nevertheless, more prospective parents choose international surrogacy.

Perhaps the benefits that international surrogacy provides weigh more than the challenges. Some countries have better laws and offer cheaper options. Other possible reasons include the following:

  • The intended parents’ country does not allow domestic surrogacy.
  • The cost of surrogacy in their home country is exceptionally high.

Preparing Yourself

Generally, there is no single international law governing surrogacy. Each country has specific laws. If you are considering getting surrogacy services abroad, you should be aware of these. You need to plan ahead so that you can prepare for any possible legal issues.

Here are some questions you have to ask the agency:

  • Does the country offer legal protection to intended parents?
  • Are there criteria to qualify as intended parents?
  • Will the intended parents be the legal parents of the baby? Or is there a need to go through the adoption process?
  • What is the success rate of the agency?
  • Will intended parents be able to review the database and choose a specific egg donor?
  • How long will it take for the parents to bring the baby back home after the surrogate mother gives birth?
  • Do intended parents need to hire a lawyer?

Here are the things you need to know before choosing to get international surrogacy:

  • Is it legal in the country you have chosen? Not all countries allow this practice. You need to make sure that you will not be participating in any illegal activity. Some countries impose certain restrictions. You may have heard of Thailand and India as popular destinations for hopeful parents due to their affordable services and healthy surrogates. While this may be true in the past, it is no longer the case. After legal disputes and controversial cases, their governments have decided to ban the process. Meanwhile, Mexico has decided not to make surrogacy open to foreigners. In Asia, Laos remains an option for you. However, the country does not have laws that regulate the practice.

For safer international surrogacy, you may want to choose a country that has clear laws. You can go to Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, the USA, and Georgia.

Georgia is one of the countries that have been open to surrogacy for a long time. Its law regulating the treatment has been around since 1997. Married heterosexual couples need to sign a written consent that will deem them as the legal parents of the baby. Typically, you will have the birth certificate before going home. The country is also open to both commercial and altruistic surrogacy arrangements.

  • Did you budget properly? You have to be ready for all possible expenses. Make sure you discuss the financial aspect with the agency that you choose. This way, you will not be surprised by unexpected fees. You have to include in your budget the reimbursement for the expenses of the surrogate mother for medical exams, medications, food, IVF procedure, delivery, and housing. You may also need to prepare money for your accommodations and living expenses in the destination country. If you have to stay there for several months, you may even have to prepare for the cost of taking some time off work.

Things To Keep In Mind

Every year, more childless couples realize the advantages of surrogacy. The treatment gives them a way to fulfill their desire and dream of having their own baby.

While some countries have uncertain laws for international surrogacy, there are those that have strong regulations that will protect intended parents. What is important is for you to research about the procedure in the country that you have chosen. Make sure you are getting high-quality services from reliable centers with the best facilities and equipment. You also have to be ready to face possible challenges. Clarify all financial requirements before you even go abroad.

The best thing that you can do before getting surrogacy services abroad is to consult a reliable agency like Stork Service Surrogacy. This way, you will have a deeper understanding of your options. You can also have access to financial, psychological, and legal advice from experts.