Why Stork Service Is Right For You

You may be a couple that wants to start a family, but there are major roadblocks in the way, such as a health risk for a hopeful mother if she tries to undertake a pregnancy or even a uterus surgically removed during a hysterectomy to win the fight against cancer, making pregnancy medically impossible. There’s still a way to make this dream come true without adopting a child, and that is through a surrogate pregnancy.

Stork Service is one of the leading surrogacy agencies and clinics in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. If you want access to a  world-class, cost-effective surrogacy journey, Stork Service may be the right choice for you for a variety of reasons, including:


Stork Service has been in operation for decades, with well-established procedures and protocols to help incoming hopeful families. Because of our extensive experience and familiarity with the Georgia medical landscape, to establish effective partnerships and alliances with the relevant experts and services that fulfill the many needs hopeful families may have.

End-To-End Service

Unlike other agencies specializing in one area, Stork Service can help hopeful families at every stage of their surrogacy journey. Hopeful families can come to us to find a suitable surrogate mother, review candidates, interview and finally establish a partnership with the right woman. Stork Service carefully screens candidates, especially for lifestyle choices that would have a prenatal impact, such as alcohol or drug consumption.

Once the right surrogate has been found, Stork Service continues to be there. If additional services, such as IVF, are required, these can be supplied, in addition to providing the necessary medical support over the course of the pregnancy and even pregnancy management if the couple wants to ensure consistent, quality care for the surrogate mother during this period. And even once the baby is born, if there are legal considerations to address, such as measures for awarding citizenship, legal help is provided to make sure the country of residence properly recognizes the baby upon return.

Foreign Friendly

Stork Service is well-versed in dealing with clients from other countries. Visitors to Stork Service don’t have to speak Georgian to make their family dreams come true, there is staff available that is fluent in English and other languages so that people will always understand what is happening at each stage during the surrogacy journey, and they can have their own intentions relayed to the surrogate mother.

This also means Stork Service is able to help returning families with citizenship concerns. Not every country will automatically grant citizenship to a baby coming home for the first time, especially if the returning mother was not previously pregnant upon departure. Stork Service has the experience to ensure that the legal requirements for the different countries are addressed before departure.


Stork Service does not believe in being a “jack of all trades and master of none,” instead choosing to give hopeful couples the best experience from experts in the field. Stork Service has strategic alliances with a variety of different facilities that can provide the expertise required in the relevant areas. For example, while Stork Service is not an international law firm, it does have access to international lawyers that can assist couples with citizenship legal details, thus preventing them from returning home with a “stateless” child that can’t enter the country.

In the same way, there are partnerships with other experts in areas such as pregnancy management to take care of surrogate mothers, and of course, experienced medical facilities that focus on different aspects of pregnancy, such as:

GGRC Clinic

The GGRC clinic aims to provide complete surrogacy support, including the early phases of surrogacy, such as helping couples screen and find the appropriate surrogate mother partner. This is an excellent clinic for the complete surrogacy journey from the beginning of the search to legal considerations like citizenship post-birth.

Zhordania IVF Center

The Zhordania Center is located in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. This is an In Vitro Fertilization facility with comprehensive labs and experienced personnel staff. This center also has the infrastructure for collecting donor eggs. However, eggs already in cryogenic storage in another location can also be transported here to be safely used in implantation.

Chachava Medical Center

Chachava Medical Center, located in Tbilisi, has been a mainstay of medical care for capital city residents for over 100 years. It opened its doors to locals in 1875. Now it accepts patients from around the world. It has services for various surrogacy needs, including obstetric and gynecological-related medical care.

Inova IVF Center

The Inova IVF center is a younger facility compared to others, going into operation only in 2015. However, it is also one of the most modern facilities offering IVF services for those couples desiring gestational surrogacy. They also have Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD, which screens eggs if there is a family history of congenital diseases like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia.