International Surrogacy Center

Surrogacy is something that can provide a path to a family for those who have always been unable to conceive. But knowing how to go about it and just what to do isn’t always the easiest. Finding the right surrogacy center is a good first step, and the right international surrogacy center could be the key to the child you’ve always wanted.

What Is An International Surrogacy Center?

An international surrogacy center is just what it sounds like – an organization dedicated to bringing parenthood to those who are unable to conceive on their own for whatever reason. When a family decides that they wish to start a family through surrogacy, they may live in a location that doesn’t allow surrogacy or that makes it incredibly difficult to go through the process.

In fact, some countries ban all forms of surrogacy. For couples that wish to have a child but who can’t conceive, this greatly limits their options. As such, finding a better path is important. An international surrogacy center allows these couples to have a child that is genetically linked to them and return to their home country with that child as their own. And for many parents, Georgia is a perfect location to use surrogacy.

Benefits Of Using A Good International Surrogacy Center

There are plenty of benefits to surrogacy itself that can be gone over, but it’s also well worth taking a closer look at just why using a good international surrogacy center to help you conceive is so important. The right center offers tremendous benefits that can’t be enjoyed elsewhere, and it is well worth understanding more about what kind of benefits you get so you can see just why international surrogacy has become so popular.

Here are some of the key benefits of using an intentional surrogacy center.

  • Ability to finally have a child
  • Full legal protection for intended parents
  • Ongoing medical monitoring to ensure the child and the surrogate are healthy
  • Intended parents are legally the parents quickly, and can see the baby within hours of birth
  • International centers will ensure that everything is done legally based on home country and the country the center is based in

What To Expect

Of course, most who are considering going into the surrogacy process have questions. Talking to a representative is one of the keys to ensuring that you’re ready for the process and that you understand what it will involve. But, a quick rundown of the basics of what to expect can help you greatly as well. While it is true that each case is different to one degree or another, the basic steps remain.

  1. Contract Creation – Once you decide to use surrogacy, you’ll document all rights and obligations in writing. The contract is initially drawn up between the prospective parents and the international surrogacy center that they are using. Surrogate mothers will sign contracts separately to ensure full protection for them as well as the intended parents.
  2. Preparation – Next, the surrogate mother will be selected if necessary. This is also the point when oocytes are donated, sperm is collected, and more. The preparation phase is when the surrogacy itself truly starts to take off.
  3. IVF – Once that things are properly prepared, the next step is implanting the embryo into the surrogate mother’s uterine cavity. There are some cases where a frozen embryo may be used as well – again, different cases may involve different steps at some points, especially this one.
  4. The Pregnancy – Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate mother will receive ongoing medical and psychological monitoring and all medical treatments as needed. Payments will be collected or distributed based on the schedule as well. The international surrogacy center will ensure that the pregnancy goes smoothly and that a healthy child is born.
  5. The Birth – When it is time, the child is born in one of the clinics that the international surrogacy center works with. It’s also possible for biological parents to see the baby within the first hours of its life.
  6. Legalization – The final step is one of the most important. Here is where issuing a birth certificate is done and the biological parents of the child are legally recorded – this is the stage that ensures the child is indeed ‘yours’.

The process is fairly straightforward, and over the years the legal and medical communities have taken steps to ensure that there is no confusion and that surrogacy goes exactly the way it is intended.

The Family You’ve Dreamed Of

Simply put, an international surrogacy center could be the best path to having a child and could make your dream of a complete family a reality. It all starts with reaching out, and when you contact your representative you can get started on the process and begin taking steps to having your child.

International surrogacy centers have made dreams come true for countless families, and yours could be next.