Meet Stork Surrogacy’s Medical & Lab Partners

Not every couple that decides to start a family can take the traditional route of pregnancy and childbirth. While adoption is one alternative, another is surrogacy. Surrogacy is where a woman who has already been medically evaluated as suitable agrees to become pregnant on behalf of a couple. Once the birth happens, that newborn is then united with the hopeful couple so they can begin their new lives together as a family.

Stork Surrogacy, located in Tbilisi, the capital of the Eastern European nation of Georgia, has been one of the leading surrogacy services in Georgia for years, not just for local couples. Stork Surrogacy has made it a specialty to help couples from other nations who come to Georgia for a safe yet cost-effective surrogacy experience, where the surrogate mother, baby, and even the hopeful couple themselves receive only the best care and treatment.

It Takes More Than One

In the same way that the most successful pregnancies have the help of many, the same is true regarding surrogate pregnancies. It’s not just a surrogate mother on her own. Depending on the needs of a hopeful couple, the kind of care and expertise required for a successful, happy new life as a family may require the traditional suite of obstetric experts but also those with expertise in fertility, implantation, and even legal knowledge to ensure that a newborn baby is not only healthy but ready to return to the country of residence for formal recognition as a citizen, with the legal right to live in that nation.

Because of this, Stork Surrogacy has forged strong professional alliances with many different organizations to offer the best experience for the unique needs that different couples may have. These partnerships provide complete and comprehensive guidance for couples for every stage of the surrogacy journey, from meeting and matching with the appropriate surrogate mother to extensive laboratory assistance if more specific surrogacy needs must be addressed.

Some of Stork Surrogacy’s proud partners are:

Zhordania IVF Center

Zhordania Clinic is one of Stork Surrogacy’s partners for more advanced surrogate needs, such as in vitro fertilization or IVF. Some couples may wish for a child to have a direct genetic connection to them, and IVF allows this to happen. If the couple is in a traditional male and female relationship, then the egg and sperm of the hopeful parents can be fertilized in Zhordania Clinic’s labs, then implanted in the surrogate mother. When the child is born, it is a direct genetic descendant of the hopeful parents, exactly as if the baby had been born in the hopeful mother’s womb.

GGRC Clinic

The GGRC clinic is perfect for meeting many different surrogacy needs. The clinic even has the resources to help visiting couples search for, meet, and partner with an appropriate surrogate mother candidate. Generally, ideal surrogate mothers meet a suite of different criteria, including having been medically evaluated to safely undertake pregnancy, as well as having already safely given birth to a child, so she is familiar with the process. GGRC can help with this crucial aspect of the surrogacy process.

Chachava Medical Center

Chachava Medical Center is a venerable institution of medicine in Tbilisi, having opened its doors to serve the public in 1875, and operated for over a century. The medical center helps with a variety of different medical needs, and this also includes reproductive health in general and surrogacy requirements in particular. Whether the surrogate mother needs regular care from an obstetrician or assisting with artificial insemination from a donor sperm sample, Chachava medical center is well-positioned to help couples on their surrogacy journey.

Inova IVF Center

As with Zhordania IVF center, Inova IVF is a facility that specializes in high-end surrogacy requirements, such as in vitro fertilization procedures. This also means they can fulfill very specific needs, such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, which can be a major concern for some couples.

If one or both partners have a family history of genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis or hemophilia, there is always a chance these diseases will express themselves in a growing baby. However, this presents a unique opportunity because the IVF procedure occurs outside the womb. The PGD procedure can detect these disorders before a fertilized egg is implanted in the surrogate mother. If a couple is willing, multiple eggs can be fertilized for safety so that any egg in which the chronic illness tests positive is not implanted in the surrogate mother.

The Choice Is Yours

Every couple will have different needs and take unique paths on their journey through surrogacy. Stork Surrogacy’s diverse partnerships ensure that no matter what kinds of needs hopeful families have when they come to Tbilisi, their concerns and requirements will be safely and professionally addressed as they make their dreams of starting a family come true.