Pros Of Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogacy has come a long way over the last decade. Once something that could be confusing and complex, with many potential legal issues to deal with, the process is now very straightforward and those involved on both sides of the pregnancy have little to worry about in terms of the agreements – and the science behind it.

For couples considering using a surrogate mother and for the surrogate mother herself, there are plenty of things to consider. Taking a few moments to review the numerous benefits to both parties can help you understand more about why surrogacy has become increasingly popular and see just what it offers to you – and why it is worth considering.

Pros Of Being A Surrogate Mother

For women considering becoming a surrogate mother, tings can be stressful at first. Carrying another couple’s child isn’t something to be taken lightly, and it can have a tremendous impact on one’s life. But with the right approach, being a surrogate mother has numerous benefits to offer to the mom. Here are some of the main reasons that women choose to make the decision to be a surrogate mom.

  • It’s Fulfilling – Knowing that you have helped a couple have a child after years of struggling can be one of the most rewarding things you do. Those struggling with infertility often experience overwhelming happiness and satisfaction thanks to their efforts as a surrogate mother. It truly can change the lives of someone else – and not many people can say that they have had the opportunity to make such a dramatic impact on someone’s life.
  • The Experience of Pregnancy – Many women who choose to be surrogates do so because they love the experience of being pregnant. There is actually a requirement in place that surrogates must already be a mother. Surrogacy allows mothers to carry a child and experience pregnancy again without having to raise the child afterwards.
  • A Strong Support System – Throughout the surrogacy, mothers get a strong support system built in. Medical care is obvious, but women are connected to other surrogate mothers and find a support system that can help them through the process and beyond.
  • Very Generous Compensation – The most obvious benefit of surrogacy is the large financial compensation that they receive. The amount can vary, but on average surrogate mothers receive a tremendous amount of compensation for their efforts, and that financial compensation can be life changing.

Pros Of Surrogacy For The Intended Parents

And of course, the intended parents enjoy advantages as well. Some of the benefits of surrogacy for the intended parents are obvious, but others are much more surprising and easily overlooked. Taking a closer examination of the benefits of surrogacy can help you see why so many families end up choosing to do so.

  • A New Hope – Couples who want to have a child often feel depressed, stressed, and more. Failing to have a child can be difficult, and surrogacy is something that offers a very real way to have the child and complete the family you’ve always wanted.
  • Genetic Links – In most cases, there is a strong genetic link between parents and the child. If possible, the eggs and sperm of the intended parents are both used to inseminate, leading to a child that is biologically theirs. This isn’t possible in many other paths to a child.
  • Very High Success Rates – Surrogacy today is closely monitored by medical professionals. It is very rare for a pregnancy to involve any complications due to the regular monitoring and ongoing care the surrogate mother receives.
  • A New Friendship – Surrogate mothers are real people, and for many parents the connection that they form with the surrogate mother forms a strong bond that lasts. The level of trust that must be present between all parties means that very real friendships are often common when it comes to surrogacy.
  • Full Legal Protections – As mentioned earlier, things have come a long way where surrogacy is concerned. Today’s surrogate families have full legal protection and legal counsel. No matter where or how you’re going about your surrogacy, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you are fully protected by law and that the process will end exactly as it should.

A Journey Filled With Rewards

The simple fact is that surrogate motherhood offers plenty of benefits to everyone involved. It is also something that can change everyone’s life – the intended parents finally have the family they’ve dreamed of while the surrogate mother is able to take pride in knowing that she has helped someone else and also received a life-changing sum of money as compensation.

If you’re planning on trying to find the perfect path to having a child or if you’re thinking about being a surrogate and giving a family the child they’ve always wanted, surrogacy is something that is well worth considering more closely.