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    Donation of eggs

    Every future mother dreams of giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. This is especially important when it comes to in vitro fertilization (IVF) using a donor“s ovum.

    Donation of oocytes is a medical procedure for the stimulation of ovaries and the collection of ova, for which reproductive doctors and a donor-woman are very appropriate, because the quality of the child’s life and the happiness of the parents depend directly on the viability of the obtained biomaterial.

    The Stork Service surrogacy center has its own base of ova donors with a wide choice of biological material in various parameters.

    The Storck Service center gives future parents the opportunity to choose biological material, based on the following parameters:

    • Age of the donor woman;
    • Nationality;
    • Hair and Eye color;
    • Health status;
    • Personal qualities indicated on a voluntary basis.

    Donation Of EggsIn addition to these important parameters, candidates for ovum donation undergo medical diagnostics, which necessarily includes such criteria as:

    • Compliance with age (21-30 years);
    • Absence of contraindications to conception and childbirth;
    • Family history;
    • Lack of hepatitis, HIV infection and other incurable diseases.

    Additional screening for a donor:

    • Screening tests, which reveal the propensity to various genetic diseases, in particular, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, fragile chromosome X syndrome, etc.;
    • Psycho-emotional testing;
    • Information on their socio-economic level of life.

    Only after passing a multifaceted diagnosis is a woman is brought into the base, and can become a donor of oocytes. Such an examination increases the chance for a childless couple to become parents of a physically and mentally healthy, phenotypically close child.

    Advantages of choosing an ovum donor with the Stork Service center

    • A huge base of possible candidates;
    • High accuracy of medical diagnostics;
    • Experienced reproductive doctors, who take oocyte and perform further IVF;
    • Conducting additional screenings of the embryo, which increase the efficiency of artificial insemination to up to 95%;
    • Documentation of relationships;
    • Full confidentiality;
    • Well-thought out pricing policy.

    Ovum donation is an excellent opportunity for infertile women to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby!