Understanding International Surrogacy Programs

Few things have been as misunderstood for so long as surrogacy. Once something that carried a major stigma, today surrogacy has emerged from the shadows as a viable way for couples to finally make their dream of being parents come true.

And when it comes to the process, many have looked overseas to get results. International surrogacy programs are widely available in several nations, and offer numerous benefits for those who wish to have a child but are currently unable to do so for any reason at all. Of course, the first step is taking a closer look at some of the basics here including what surrogacy is, what international surrogacy programs can offer, and what to expect.

If you take the time to learn more, you may find the perfect path to parenthood.

Surrogacy 101

The first step is to simply understand what surrogacy is, how it works, and why it’s an option worth considering. Surrogacy refers to the process of allowing another woman to carry a child for a couple. Upon birth of the child, it is legally the child of the ‘intended parents’, and the gestational mother has no legal right to it whatsoever. In return, she receives a large financial compensation as well as the personal satisfaction of knowing that she has changed the lives of a couple forever.

Surrogacy may be used when infertility is an issue or when a woman has a physical issue that prevents her from safely carrying a baby to term even if she is able to conceive. In Vitro Fertilization – or IVF – is used to begin the pregnancy. During this stage, different steps may be used. For example:

  • Sperm from the intended father is used to fertilize eggs from the intended mother. The embryo is then implanted into the surrogate. This is primarily used when both parents are fertile, but health issues may complicate pregnancy.
  • Sperm from the intended father is used to fertilize a donor egg or even to impregnate the surrogate herself. This is for situations when the intended mother is infertile.
  • Sperm from a donor is used to fertilize the eggs of the intended mother. The resulting embryo is then implanted into the surrogate. This is, of course, the option when the father is infertile.

No matter the situation, surrogacy allows for safe and careful monitoring of the baby and the gestational mother, increasing the odds of a safe pregnancy. Additionally, legal steps are taken from the beginning to ensure all are protected fully. Intended parents will be the only ones with rights to the child, while the surrogate mother is guaranteed financial compensation as well as healthcare during and immediately following the pregnancy.

The stigma of surrogacy has long since evaporated, and today it is one of the most common solutions for couples that have had a history of difficulty with conception or pregnancy.

Why International Surrogacy Programs Are Gaining Popularity

While it is something with the power to transform lives, the fact is that surrogacy can be incredibly expensive. It generally costs more than $100,000 for surrogacy in the USA, with some states being slightly more affordable than others.

That’s why international surrogacy programs have become so popular. International surrogacy programs have the ability to save large amounts of money for the intended parents. Average costs in the Ukraine, for example, are between $30,000 and $45,000 – more than half the cost of surrogacy in the US.

Additionally, these international surrogacy programs still offer great results. The entire process is just as regulated and as effective as those in other nations. The main difference is that due to various economic factors, the financial compensation given to the surrogate mother is lower than in other places. It’s still life-changing money for her, but nowhere near the heavy costs of US surrogacy.

Parents can use international surrogacy programs to have the child they’ve dreamed of without spending a small fortune, and can do so in a way that still ensures their legal rights are fully protected and that their child is born healthy and able to go home with them shortly thereafter.

Ukraine Surrogacy

Of all the various international surrogacy programs out there, Ukraine offers the most for hopeful parents. Costs are low, results are excellent, and the quality of care is unmatched anywhere. There are just a couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • One parent must be biologically related to the child in order for it to be considered a US citizen.
  • Gay couples aren’t allowed to use surrogacy in the Ukraine due to national laws.

Aside from these two basic rules, the Ukraine’s international surrogacy programs are open to practically anyone and offer a straightforward way to finally have the child that you have always dreamed of. They’re well worth considering, and could be exactly what you have been waiting for.