You’ve Reached Your Destination: Georgia Surrogacy Agencies

While many couples will start families the traditional way of having a woman in the relationship become pregnant, for others, there are significant barriers, like medical considerations, that prevent this. Fortunately, there are alternatives, such as surrogacy, and one of the more popular routes that many couples today choose to take is working with a Georgia Surrogacy Agency.

But what is it about a Georgia surrogacy agency that leads more couples to travel to this country and work with these agencies? Here’s a quick explanation of why it’s an increasingly popular choice for many.

Constitutional Protections

Unlike many other countries around the world, Georgia has modernized a lot of its legal mechanisms to keep up with the concerns of people living in the 21st century. Perhaps one of the most important evolutions the country has embraced is the federal legalization of surrogacy. Other countries, such as the United States, widely vary what surrogacy rights—if any—exist from one state to the next.

Georgia, however, not only permits both altruistic and compensated surrogacies, but it also formally protects the rights of hopeful parents by enshrining those rights in the constitution. In other words, provided hopeful parents observe all the legal requirements while working with a surrogate mother, when the baby is born, their legal custody of the newborn is not in question, unlike some states in the USA, where a surrogate mother can still lay claim to a child even after agreeing to a surrogacy agreement. Then, there are other countries, such as France and Germany, where any kind of surrogacy at all is considered illegal.

It is crucial to note, however, that Georgia’s protection of parental rights only extends to conventional cis-gender couples. Same-sex couples do not have the same legal protection given to them or their child, and subsequently, they will not be served by surrogacy agencies in Georgia.

More Choice

Hopeful parents who decide to work with Georgia surrogacy agencies will have far more choices if they are willing to invest. The country permits both altruistic and compensated surrogacies, although compensated surrogacies are the more popular choice for foreign couples. Altruistic surrogacy is a common type and is widely available in many countries, like the United Kingdom and Canada. This form of surrogacy operates on a voluntary basis, in that the woman who agrees to become a surrogate mother does so without expecting any remuneration in return. Of course, she’s not paying out of her own pocket for living or medical expenses as the pregnancy progresses; the couples are responsible for this, but aside from the financial support required to flourish in health during the pregnancy, she gets no other reward. Unsurprisingly, the number of women who are willing to do this out of sheer generosity tends to be quite small.

Compensated surrogacies are the opposite, where women agree to become surrogate mothers for significant financial recognition of the role they are undertaking. This adds considerably more to the final cost of surrogacy, but it also gives hopeful parents two big benefits: less time and more choice. Often, the wait for an available, altruistic surrogacy mother can take months or even years, and hopeful parents will have little choice in the matter. In those countries, like Georgia, that allow for compensated surrogacies, there are many more medically suitable women available, meaning that hopeful parents can start their journey in a quicker time, with many more choices available. This gives hopeful families a much greater chance of success in finding a surrogate mother in Georgia.

More Cost Effectiveness

While the United States is often regarded as the most medically advanced country in the world, it does not have a monopoly on first-world medical facilities. Georgia, located in Eastern Europe, hosts similarly world-class facilities, and it also offers experienced medical staff to take advantage of these facilities. So whether a hopeful family is looking for a traditional surrogacy with a simple artificial insemination procedure or wants something more clinically demanding, such as an IVF procedure that includes genetic screening for congenital disorders, the personnel and infrastructure are there to meet the most discerning needs.

As an added benefit, these advanced facilities and staff are available to hopeful parents at a price range considerably lower than the outlay that would be required in countries like the United States. This is a result of Georgia’s location and currency. Because the country is not yet a member of the European Union, it still uses its own currency, the lari, which has favorable exchange rates with other currencies, such as the American dollar. This allows hopeful couples from different countries to get much more from their investment than they would in other nations, such as the USA.

For anyone who has obstacles in their life that prevent a conventional pregnancy, surrogacy is one alternative to still enjoying a life together with a newborn baby. Some of the best results for this goal come from working with a Georgia surrogacy agency.