A Modern Surrogacy Clinic Abroad

For Surmoms

There are plenty of surrogacy clinics to choose from today. After all, there are many countries where surrogacy is legal in the modern world. Some of the best-known locations include:

  • The United States
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Canada 
  • Mexico

Of course, those names barely even begin to scratch the surface, though. Surrogacy is also legal in Georgia, The United Kingdom, India, and more. The point we’re trying to make is that there are many surrogacy clinics in the world, but they aren’t all created equal. That’s why you should choose our company in Tbilisi for all of your surrogacy needs. Is your interest piqued? If that’s the case, stick around and read on to learn what makes us a modern surrogate clinic abroad. 

Why Pick An Organization In Georgia?

One of the primary reasons our Georgia-based business is an excellent pick is that it’s a budget-friendly option. Compared to the United States and other countries of the European Union, IVF or in vitro fertilization and the donation of oocytes are 3 to 4 times cheaper. So, if you want a family but you’re all about saving some money, a Georgia surrogate clinic could be the perfect solution. 

A Safe Spot To Visit

Soon-to-be parents often want to visit the surrogates, see where they’re from and how they’re living. If that describes you to a T, make sure you choose a surrogate clinic in a safe location. Our company, for instance, is located in the country of Georgia, which ranks high up the list of safest places for tourists to visit. You’ll feel right at home and comfortable during your travels here because of effective policing. Hence, don’t put off becoming a guardian because you fear visiting where your surrogate lives. Instead, choose us for the peace of mind that you deserve.

Legalized In 1997

Surrogacy has been legal in the country since 1997. And the laws of Georgia almost completely eliminate the risk of the gestational surrogate mother wanting to keep the baby after birth. This isn’t our first rodeo, nor the country’s first rodeo. So, select us for these reasons and let the whole experience surpass your expectations in no time flat. 

An Excellent Surmother Selection

Many Georgian citizens participate in our surrogacy and ovum donation programs. That means there is an excellent pool of surmothers to choose from. If you go with a company with a minimal selection at best, you may have to settle for a surrogate that isn’t quite right. That should never become an issue when selecting the mother of your child. So, choose us, if for nothing else, the large selection of potential moms here. 

Typical Expenses Parents Cover

If you’re considering using one of our surrogates, you’ll be responsible for paying for all medical procedures, including diagnostics. In addition, during every pregnancy month and one month after the birth, you will also have to take care of the mother’s expenses for items like products, medications, and maternity clothing. Clients experience additional costs from time to time too. For example, if the surrogate needs a Cesarian section or the baby is born prematurely, these fees will go to the potential parents.

In certain circumstances, you’ll still be expected to compensate the surrogate even if there is no baby. For instance, if an abortion occurs for medical reasons, you will be liable for the bill. Additionally, if the surrogate mother has a miscarriage, which is not her fault, the potential parent will take care of that expense. And finally, if damage to health becomes an issue during pregnancy or childbirth, the client will cover that cost. If you have any questions about rates or fees, please, feel free to ask. 

Experienced Financial Experts

The experienced financial experts on our staff are another reason to choose The Stork Service Surrogacy Center. Planning for all the expenses associated with a pregnancy, surrogate or not, can be quite challenging, to say the very least. It doesn’t have to be, though, not if you work with an experienced and trustworthy company. We have financial experts ready to give consultations and help people redistribute their family budgets to the cause. On occasion, they’re able to locate funds where others wouldn’t even think to look. 

Did you know there’s even a way to calculate your surrogacy costs on our site? It’s true. All you need to do is fill in the information and hit send.

Whatever your reasons for looking for a modern surrogacy clinic abroad, it is time to call off the search because you’ve found us. Contact a representative or review our website to learn more. Then again, you can also contact us online if that’s a better option. If you’re ready to become a parent in just nine short months, make your move today.