Taking Your Surrogacy Abroad Can Mean Professional Care In Tbilisi

Any couple that decides to go the route of surrogate pregnancy knows they are about to embark on a lengthy, challenging undertaking. While many people have the choice of a traditional pregnancy between the couple, with a newborn baby nine months later, for others, this method may be difficult or even impossible. Medical considerations, such as heart condition, may put both a mother and child at risk during pregnancy. In other cases, past medical procedures, such as a hysterectomy, make it impossible for traditional conception and pregnancy to occur because the uterus has been surgically removed to treat another condition, such as ovarian cancer or uterine prolapse.

Surrogacy is often a practical solution to these hurdles. This is where another woman who has already been medically confirmed to be an ideal candidate for a safe pregnancy agrees to carry to term a baby for a hopeful family wanting to start a new life with a child. For some, surrogacy is undertaken at home, but for others, the better choice is to go to another country, such as Georgia, in Europe, and carry out a surrogate pregnancy there. But why is this choice better for some?

More Choice

For some, going abroad to a city like Tbilisi in the European nation of Georgia provides many more options for finding a suitable surrogate mother candidate. Surrogacy is legal in many countries, but quite a few, such as Canada, require surrogacy to be strictly voluntary. This means that the surrogate mother agrees to undertake the pregnancy with no financial recognition of her efforts. She will, of course, not pay for her medical care or living expenses during the pregnancy, but in all other ways, she is essentially doing this for “free.”

Compensated surrogacy, however, means that a surrogate mother receives ample financial recognition for her role in making a hopeful family’s dream come true. As a result, any region that legally permits compensated surrogacies also has a much greater range of available, medically suitable candidates. Tbilisi, in Georgia, is one such place.

Legal Peace Of Mind

Another reason some may want to consider surrogacy in another country, like Georgia, is for the certainty that comes from having a legal framework in place to protect hopeful parents. In some countries, a surrogate mother can fight for custody of the child. Some countries even flatly refuse to acknowledge the parentage of anyone but a biological mother and father for a child. 

Georgia, however, has created a modern constitution in which the rights of surrogate parents are entirely protected. In the event that a legally recognized surrogate pregnancy takes place in Georgia, it is the hopeful family that is always recognized as the legal parents, with full custodial rights to the baby that is born. Hopeful families, in other words, are guaranteed to be recognized as such when a child is born.

Professional Care

Perhaps most importantly, Tbilisi is a city with agencies with a lot of experience and expertise in nurturing the surrogate pregnancy process from start to finish. Some couples may find an agency in their own country that performs the “matchmaking” function of helping hopeful families to meet with a willing surrogate mother, but once that matchmaking is complete, everyone is on their own, trying to figure out how best to carry this journey safely to its conclusion.

Agencies in Tbilisi, however, provide guidance, support, and help through every step of the process. Finding the right surrogate mother is just the start. Other considerations may need addressing, such as if a couple wishes for an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process to ensure the child is born as a true genetic mix of both hopeful parents. The surrogate mother herself will need medical supervision and eventually living assistance as the pregnancy progresses, and she needs to care for herself and the baby. 

Experienced agencies can handle every step of this journey, with access to living spaces, doctors, and medical facilities. This ensures that no matter what stage the surrogate pregnancy is at, a plan is in place, ready to execute. There may even be legal assistance for foreign visitors to ensure that the baby is granted full citizenship rights upon return to the country of residence.

Make Your Plans

For any hopeful family looking for a smooth, guided surrogacy handled by experienced professionals, agencies in Tbilisi, Georgia, are ready to help. Start your planning early, reach out with any questions you have, and enjoy the novelty, comfort, and conveniences of a modern city with world-class medical facilities, history, culture, and places of interest to dine at or visit. If you’d like to know more, contact us, and we’d be happy to answer your questions and inquiries. Tbilisi is here to help make your surrogate pregnancy a safe and productive experience, with a happy ending for everyone.