Where Can You Find Affordable Surrogacy?

Законодательство разных стран по суррогатному материнству

Any couple deciding to start a family is likely aware that this will require a significant investment. The latest financial studies in the United States, for example, show that Americans will spend, on average, over $300,000 over the course of a child’s upbringing before they are old enough to pay their own way with a career. So it’s obvious that having a child is a major expense.

However, for some, even before a child is born, there are some major challenges to be faced that require a significant investment. This is especially true for couples who can’t have a baby using traditional methods with no medical intervention required.

The Hurdles Of Pregnancy

Some couples may be unable to go the usual route of allowing the woman to become pregnant and give birth 9 months later. Financially, this is the most cost-effective way to have a child since the impregnation essentially costs nothing. But others don’t always have access to this option.

Some women have medical considerations, such as a heart condition, that pregnancy is ill-advised due to the health risk to mother and child. Others have had surgery, such as hysterectomies, to fight cancer, that result in the removal of the uterus, making pregnancy impossible.

For these couples, other alternatives have to be found if they would still like a newborn baby of their own. One of the most common solutions to address this is surrogacy, but it comes at a significant cost.

Cost Is Determined By Need

Surrogacy is when another woman agrees to become pregnant and carry a baby to term on behalf of a hopeful couple. After the baby is finally born, the child is united with the intended couple, and they can all begin a new life together. This brings with it some fixed costs as a given. A woman who becomes pregnant will, later in the pregnancy, be unable to work, which means she will be unable to earn money for food, a requirement for both her survival and that of the baby. When the time comes, the safest way for the baby to be born is under medical supervision, which also costs money.

However, beyond these two givens, other considerations may also factor in. If a woman is not agreeing to an altruistic surrogacy—that is to say, a voluntary one—then a compensated surrogacy means she will get paid for the role, in addition to the living and medical expenses she receives. This, by itself, can be a costly part of surrogacy.

One of the more expensive procedures that can accompany surrogacy is IVF, also known as the In Vitro Fertilization method. This takes selected sperm from a donor and selected egg from a donor and fertilizes them in a laboratory. Once the successful fertilization has been confirmed, the egg is then implanted in the surrogate mother, and natural pregnancy runs its course from there.

This is a popular procedure for hopeful parents who would like a newborn with the genetic characteristics of both hopeful parents, as would be the case in traditional childbirth. IVF makes this possible with significant, added cost; the only difference is where the baby gestates during the pregnancy. Otherwise, the child is 100% a true genetic mix of the hopeful parents. As stated before, however, this is a major added expense.

Looking Elsewhere

For some, especially those living in the United States, the cost of surrogacy in the country of residence can be extremely high. Factors such as the cost of medical care or procedures such as IVF can put these alternatives out of reach of people. In some cases, even the cost of a compensated surrogacy can raise surrogacy total expenses beyond the means of a couple.

However, a willingness to look elsewhere can dramatically affect one factor, currency value. Georgia, a country in Eastern Europe, for example, has access to world-class medical facilities, with experienced doctors, nurses, and technicians to run these facilities.

However, because of Georgia’s unique position outside the United States and even the European Union, clients who take advantage of surrogacy abroad in countries like Georgia enjoy significantly lower rates compared to the USD or even Euro.

Across The Board Savings

This means that for clients interested in compensated surrogacy with maximum choice, surrogacy can be more affordable in other countries, like Georgia, without compromising the options available or the health and welfare of the surrogate mother and the potential baby.

In addition, clients can still take advantage of world-class medical facilities and procedures like IVF, but without the exorbitant costs associated with some of the USA’s wealthier states like California. It’s a smart, cost-effective way for families to get quality results without paying a premium.

For any hopeful couple that wants to start a family through surrogacy, affordable solutions may not be in the country of residence, but they can be found elsewhere, in countries like Georgia.