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    Information For Ovum Donors

    Ovum donation: confidential, safe, well-compensated

    Information For Ovum DonorsMany young women have a desire to help families who do not have the opportunity to have their own child. The ovum donation program at the Stork Service surrogacy center has operated for over a year and has proved its effectiveness with the births of dozens of newborn babies. Women who want to become ovum donors may have certain doubts or reasons for concern. The procedure for taking a ripe ovum is difficult from a medical point of view and involves some risks to the health of a woman.

    Cooperating with the Stork Service center, you can count on becoming an ovum donor absolutely legally, confidentially, with minimal risk to your health, and you are guarenteed to receive a worthwhile reward!

    The procedure for ova donation consists of the effect on the body by special hormonal drugs until the maturation of the ovum and its intake from the ovary. Because the procedure is complex, a woman must undergo a full medical examination of the body, which will also allow the future couple to obtain the necessary information about the donor of reproductive material for their unborn child.

    Legal criteria for inclusion into the base of candidates for the ovum donor:

    • A woman aged 20-30 years;
    • Having her own healthy child;
    • Attractive external data;
    • Psychological readiness to become a donor and understanding of the essence of the procedure.

    Medical criteria:

    • Lack of chronic and hereditary diseases, as well as physical anomalies;
    • Conclusion of a specialist about the normal state of psychological health;
    • Results of analyzes of the absence of hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis, as well as sexually transmitted infections and diseases;
    • Normal functioning of the thyroid gland and favorable hormonal background;
    • Results of examination of ultrasound of the small pelvis;
    • Completed lactation after childbirth;
    • Absence of dependence on alcohol and drugs.

    Woman can not become an ovum donor if there are:

    • Polycystic changes in the ovaries, fibroids, cysts, and other neoplasms;
    • Serious dysfunctions of the kidneys and cardiovascular system, as well as acute inflammatory processes in other organs;
    • A cesarean section within 10-12 months before the time of contact with the center.

    To confirm that the future donor meets all the criteria, the woman undergoes a full medical examination and fills in the appropriate form. It is impossible to provide knowingly false data, since all information is checked.

    Legislative norms, rights and obligations of the egg donor: honest and transparent

    Ovum donation is a legal procedure in Georgia, which is in high demand in surrogacy and IVF programs. By law, a woman can participate in only one program. Thus, if she is an ovum donor, she can not become a surrogate mother. All relations between future parents and the donor are regulated by the contract.

    The contract describes all stages, as well as the actions of the parties in case of force majeure circumstances. According to the agreement, the donor does not have parental rights to a child born in the future. Providing of donor services is possible anonymously, which obliges parents to keep all procedures confidential.

    Guarantees by the Stork Service center for the ovum donor: at the service of your interests

    The signing of the agreement guarantees the safety of all medical procedures for the donor, and the receipt of material remuneration from the customer. The future parents fully pay for all medicine, the procedure for stimulation of the ovaries, ovum puncture, as well as the cost of recovery in case of minor complications to the donor’s health after hormonal stimulation and puncture.

    The sum of the payment is fixed; its amount is specified individually in the contract signed with the Stork Service surrogacy center. If, after sampling, the number of ova is less than expected, the donor does not lose compensation. By law, unused ova can be placed in the cryobank and used later.

    We invite you visit the Stork Service surrogacy center! Cooperation without intermediaries, legally, reliably and comfortably!