The Ideal Surrogacy Clinic May Be In Tbilisi, Georgia

For Surmoms

It’s natural for couples to decide the next phase of life together should be to start a family. Unfortunately, not every couple can go the traditional route of the woman in the relationship allowing herself to become pregnant, so a baby is born nine months later. Surgical procedures or even medical conditions can sometimes make pregnancy a health risk or no longer physically possible. 

For hopeful couples in this situation, another solution besides adoption is surrogacy. This is where another woman who has been medically examined and deemed suitable agrees to become pregnant on behalf of the hopeful couple. When the baby is born, that child is then united with the intended parents, and the new life together as a family begins.

Surrogacy as an option for having children has been a known and practiced technique throughout the world for millennia, with even the Bible including examples of it. However, despite surrogacy being a well-established technique globally, there are some reasons why other cities, such as Tbilisi, in Georgia, might be a better fit for couples willing to invest in surrogacy in another country.

Local Barriers

One of the biggest reasons to consider surrogacy in a city like Tbilisi is because the barrier to entry for an ideal surrogacy experience is lower in Tbilisi. Surrogacy is widely practiced worldwide, but not everywhere, and not the same “style.” Some countries, for example, have banned any kind of surrogacy. France and Germany are prime examples of this.

While legally permitting surrogacy, many countries limit the options available to couples by only allowing “altruistic surrogacy.” This is a type of surrogacy where the surrogate mother makes a substantial sacrifice of her time and biological resources to volunteer to help a hopeful couple. While she may receive some financial coverage to help offset living and medical expenses as the pregnancy wears on, she is essentially undertaking this massive effort out of the goodness of her heart, and many women are, understandably, not in a position to do this for the sake of another couple.

Compensated surrogacies, however, are where surrogate mothers receive significant financial recognition for the role they play, and this makes the effort far more worthwhile. As a result, countries that legally permit compensated surrogacy, such as Tbilisi, in Georgia, offer far more surrogate mother options for candidacy, giving hopeful couples more choice and more control over their surrogacy experience.

Economic Considerations

There is also a financial factor for some couples to think about. Going abroad can stretch finances further than they might go locally, depending on the currency used. American couples, for example, who may find the pricing compensated surrogacy and premium medical care in California to be well beyond their means, can see the American dollar going much further in Tbilisi, Georgia. Not only is there more choice, but the lower pricing and the currency conversion between American dollars and Georgina lari make a big difference.

However, these cost-effective solutions do not compromise on quality. Tbilisi, Georgia, still has state-of-the-art medical facilities and world-class medical personnel. It means that even with more affordable services and better choices, the same high standards. Western clients are used to being maintained here.

Experience With Foreign Clientele

Another reason that Tbilisi, Georgia, is an ideal site for surrogacy abroad is because the city and country have both the experience and the legal precedents to ensure a smooth, successful surrogacy experience.

For example, the country itself recently solidified the rights of intended parents to custody of a surrogate child in its constitution. States in the USA have varying degrees of legal certainty—from strong to none—on these matters. It’s one of the reasons why the US had a landmark case where a surrogate mother changed her mind about the child she was pregnant with and refused to unite the child with the hopeful parents. In Georgia, provided that all the proper legal procedures are observed and documented, hopeful families have full legal custody of a baby born to a surrogate mother.

And finally, Surrogacy clinics in Tbilisi are well-versed in working with foreign clients. This means that language isn’t an issue, especially for those who want to communicate in English, with special consideration for foreign needs. Couples that want to use the in vitro fertilization procedure, for example, can work with clinics that are already experienced in the successful transportation of cryogenically stored egg samples, so they are still viable and ready for fertilization and implantation at modern lab and medical facilities.

Similarly, the legal considerations new parents face can also be handled in Tbilisi, Georgia. It’s not always as straightforward as a child being born in another country automatically receiving the citizenship of the returning parents. Depending on the country and situation, some legal precautions must be taken to ensure the child is not labeled “stateless,” not granted citizenship, and therefore not allowed to enter the parents’ country of residence. Experienced Tbilisi clinics are prepared to address these issues.