What Is A Surrogate Service?

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Life is a journey, and as many people grow into adulthood, and come into their own, there’s a genuine and understandable wish to take the next natural step and start a family. For some people, this journey starts almost by surprise, with an unexpected pregnancy that brings a family together for the first time. For others, the road to starting a family through the birth of a child may be either impractical due to reasons of medical risk, or even impossible, due to medical conditions, or the nature of the family, as in the case of a same-sex partnership.

This doesn’t mean, however, that it is impossible to raise a child in these situations. Many solutions exist. Some prefer to share their lives with an innocent that is desperately in need, such as orphaned children that need parents. Others may still want the experience of an infant—maybe even with their own genetic characteristics—raise from birth. For people that still want this option, there’s an alternative; a surrogate service for motherhood.

What Is It?

The surrogate mother concept has been around for several decades. At its simplest, this is a situation where another woman agrees to have a child on behalf of a couple, gestating that child within her womb, carrying the baby to term, and ultimately letting that child go its intended parents after birth. Of course, while this is a very simple concept in idea, it is fraught with many complications and factors in actual execution.

Many different factors need to be considered as intended parents consider a surrogate motherhood a solution to have a child. Finding a suitable surrogate is no small task, and neither is reaching a proper agreement. There are legal considerations that also need to be factored in, as well the management, maintenance, and organization of carrying the child to term, the birth, and the formal closure of the process.

This is why a surrogate service is often the best choice for hopeful parents, as it can play a crucial role in a smooth, successful surrogate motherhood experience. An experienced surrogate service is there to assist parents at every step of the way, providing valuable insight and assistance over the most important aspects of surrogate motherhood, including:

Surrogate Selection

This is often one of the most important steps for a number of reasons. On the pragmatic side, it is vital that a surrogate is carefully picked for proper health and lifestyle conditions. Even if a surrogate mother is not donating genetic material, and is strictly carrying a baby to term, outside conditions such as an addiction to drugs, for example, can be passed onto the baby.

A surrogate service uses only the most exacting and demanding screening processes. The surrogate mothers are carefully screened, evaluated for health and medical condition, and presented to the parents for approval. With a good surrogate service, the intended parents are always making an informed choice.

Medical Factors

This is another important variable across many levels. It’s not just the surrogate mother that needs the utmost medical attention and maintenance. In some cases, especially if the parents are donating genetic material for in vitro fertilization, evaluations are required. It’s important for parents to have a clean bill of health, with no genetic disorders or other complications that may factor into the birth process.

Of course, the surrogate mother plays a central role, and medical attention is required to ensure good health before— and especially during—the pregnancy. A surrogate service makes sure that at every stage of the pregnancy, the mother and the child are closely monitored for health and safety, and provided with a safe, professionally supervised birth.


Different parts of the world—and even different regions within a country—have very different outlooks on surrogate motherhood and surrogate services. Georgia, for example, has completely legalized the surrogate process, guaranteeing hopeful parents 100% legality and access to a child after birth. On the other hand, the state of Michigan in the United States is the complete opposite and recognizes no surrogacy rights within the state itself.

A surrogate service makes it easy, with a specialized legal team, to go over all the requirements needed for a smooth and legal surrogate service experience. There will be no loopholes or exploits that complicate or endanger the process this way.


Finally, when it comes to the sizable investment required in a safe, smooth surrogate motherhood experience, a surrogate service simplifies everything. Rather than having to negotiate multiple, separate contracts and agreements with a mother, medical services and legal services to make sure everything is in order, it’s all under one roof.

For people that want to undertake a surrogate mother experience, but don’t want to individual negotiate finances too many different groups and agencies, a surrogate service makes everything easy.